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July 1, Vol. 32, No. 13

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    • Frontier Scientific Won’t Be Pigeon-Holed
    • Carol Potera
    • Frontier Scientific has been around since 1975, when Bruce Burnham, PhD, started the company as Porphyrin Products A porphyrin chemist at Utah State University, Dr Burnham developed porphyrin-based products used in photodynamic therapies, diagnostic tests, and industrial and drug-delivery applications... more »
    • Dispelling ATM Offering Myths
    • Todd Wyche
    • At-the-market (ATM) offerings are emerging as an important financial option for life science company CFOs This is evidenced by a significant uptick in ATM use in recent years Data reported for 2011 shows that 35 US life science companies used ... more »
    • Hotspots of miRNA Research Activity
    • Gary Oosta
      Enal Razvi
    • A recent analysis of the publications focused in the miRNA field has identified hotspots of research activity This analysis allowed us to identify trends in the research space, specifically the manner in which publications can be utilized as a means ... more »
    • Gene Therapy Briefs
    • European Medicines Agency has issued a guideline defining scientific principles and providing guidance for developing and evaluating medicinal products containing genetically modified cells intended for use in humans and presented for marketing authorization. The guideline addresses requirements for the genetic ... more »
    • Advertorial: Practical Advice for High-Throughpu...
    • Andrew Coffey
    • Although small particle size, nonporous particles for ion exchange such as Agilent’s Bio IEX range offer significant advantages for increased throughput in ion-exchange chromatography, column back pressure can place limitations on the maximum performance that can ultimately be achieved It ... more »