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June 15, Vol. 32, No. 12

  • Feature Articles

    • Capitalizing on miRNA Research
    • MaryAnn Labant
    • Aberrant expression of microRNA (miRNA) in human cancers is a common phenomenon miRNAs regulate many tumor suppressor genes and oncogenes, therefore acting as oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes themselves to directly regulate cancer cell survival and proliferation... more »
    • Mass Spec Gives Shot in Arm to Proteomic Analysi...
    • Kate Marusina
    • Mass spectrometry (MS) is firmly established as a technique of choice for unraveling structural characteristics of chemical compounds However, until recently, detection of low abundant peptide and protein analytes remained challenging because of poor efficiencies in ion formation and transmission... more »
    • Proposed Standards for Immunogenicity Testing
    • Maura Kibbey, Ph.D.
    • Biologic drugs have revolutionized the treatment of many chronic diseases Used to treat certain cancers, autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, and several other complex disorders, many modern biologic drugs are essentially proteins in their makeup—either naturally derived, derived from recombinant ... more »