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March 15, Vol. 32, No. 6

  • Feature Articles

    • Biomarker Analysis Makes Strides
    • Kathy Liszewski
    • Personalized medicine made significant strides in 2011 with two new targeted cancer therapies, the FDA release of its companion diagnostics draft guidance, and routine clinical genotyping for some oncology applications However, many challenges remain An estimated 90% of currently marketed ... more »
    • Revealing Subcellular Heterogeneity
    • Vicki Glaser
    • Steady progress in a variety of technologies, such as gene-expression profiling, proteomics, and next-generation sequencing, is helping to characterize tissues and cells and to catalog the differences between healthy and diseased tissues The ability to go beyond these techniques and ... more »
    • Novel ADMET Technologies Gain Traction
    • MaryAnn Labant
    • Too many new drug compounds fail in late-stage clinical trials due to inefficacy and safety concerns With often-cited costs of $800 million to bring a new drug to market, a compelling need exists for improved early-stage screening Insufficient knowledge of ... more »
    • RNA Advances Reshape Prevailing Wisdom
    • Richard A. Stein
    • Expanding on a concept originally coined by Walter Gilbert in 1986, Thomas Cech recently described two RNA worlds—a hypothetical, primordial world in which the same molecule combined informational and catalytic properties, and a contemporary world, forged by a spectrum of ... more »
    • Developing Next-Gen Conjugate Vaccines
    • Philippe Dro
    • The vaccine market experienced significant growth over the last decade, with global revenues exceeding $24 billion in 2010, up from $7 billion in 2004 Major growth drivers were the increasing awareness of vaccine-preventable diseases as well as the introduction of ... more »
  • Tutorials

    • Efficient Compound and Sample Management
    • Mark Gedrych
      David Booth
    • Research programs using large compound or sample repositories, such as those prevalent in the drug discovery industry, require efficient management to maximize usability and minimize costs Such collections can be very diverse, ranging from small molecule chemical reagents to biopharmaceuticals ... more »
    • Measurement of Cardiomyocyte Contractions
    • Markus Schmitz, Ph.D.
    • A research team led by Bruno Becker, PhD, from AstraZeneca’s R&D bioscience department, CVGI, Molndal, Sweden, tested Roche’s xCELLigence Cardio Instrument ( Figure 1 ) for label-free and noninvasive screening for cardiotoxic and arrhythmic effects Their published study ( Assay ... more »
    • Removing Impurities from Biotherapeutics
    • Michael Thomas
    • Membrane adsorbers accelerate purification of biotherapeutics due to their ease of use, small footprint, and flow rate independent binding This tutorial examines the impurity removal offered by QyuSpeed™ D (QSD), a hollow fiber anion-exchange membrane adsorber developed by Asahi Kasei ... more »