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December 1, Vol. 31, No. 21

  • Feature Articles

    • Sequencing Alters Medical Genetics
    • Vicki Glaser
    • A plenary debate, entitled “Current and Emerging Sequencing Technologies: Changing the Practice of Medical Genetics,” provoked strong and divergent opinions at the combined American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) and International Congress of Human Genetics (ICHG) conference held recently in ... more »
    • GEN's 30th Anniversary: Bacteria Combat Waste
    • One of the most promising business areas in biotech during the early and late 1980s was bioremediation GEN even devoted a regular column to the topic as there were about 30–40 companies carrying out this type of work In addition, ... more »
    • Emerging Trends for Predictive Toxicology
    • Kate Marusina
    • Protein therapeutics is still a relatively new class of drugs Even after several highly successful market launches (eg, Herceptin), our knowledge of protein drug distribution remains limited Historically, development of protein therapeutics was geared toward candidates with the highest affinity ... more »
    • Multiplexing Ignites Biomarker Research
    • Kathy Liszewski
    • With a goal of making assays bigger, better, and faster, multiplexing is gaining momentum as it tackles challenges in the research and diagnostics arenas The latter market is projected to reach $6 billion by 2013, according to Scienion Cutting-edge approaches ... more »
    • Epigenetic-Derived Therapies on Horizon
    • Sue Pearson
    • How is the current model of drug discovery faring? “It’s not working,” stated Chas Bountra, PhD, chief scientist at the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) and professor of translational medicine, University of Oxford “There are too many targets to choose from, ... more »
    • Filtration Products Steadily Evolving
    • Angelo DePalma
    • Filters have been a part of bioprocessing since the beginning Yet “broad optimization potential” still exists for established processes and in filter selection for new processes, according to Holger Bromm, marketing director for filtration technologies at Sartorius Stedim Biotech... more »
    • Reimbursement in Personalized Medicine
    • Gail Dutton
    • Gaining acceptance for the molecular diagnostics that are the hallmark of personalized medicine is like hand-to-hand combat, according to Steven Burrill, CEO of Burrill & Company Speaking at the “Burrill Personalized Medicine” meeting in San Francisco recently, he and other ... more »
    • Gene Therapy Briefs
    • Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) said its ability to carry out the first human embryonic stem cell (hESC) trial in Europe won’t be affected by the Court of Justice of the European Union’s decision that stem cell research based on the ... more »