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January 15, Vol. 31, No. 2

  • Feature Articles

    • RNAi Delivery Proves Vexing
    • Kathy Liszewski
    • RNA interference (RNAi), an exciting yet evolving gene-silencing technology, holds great promise for drug discovery and as a novel therapeutic approach But troubling doubts have recently emerged as to how quickly that promise will deliver Perhaps ominously, in November, Roche ... more »
    • GEN's 30th Anniversary: Automation
    • As I wrote in our January 1 issue, GEN turns 30 this year and we invite you to join the celebration We have a number of events and activities planned throughout 2011, so look out for them... more »
    • Overcoming Lab Automation Challenges
    • Ellyn Kerr
    • The bioindustry has, in its essence, been about translational medicine, and it is strictly the rise of high throughput (and, hence, automation) that has permitted its development As several presenters at the upcoming “LabAutomation” meeting acknowledge, effecting the subtle refinements ... more »
    • Stem Cells Grapple with High Expectations
    • Elizabeth Lipp
    • The future may not exactly rest in the figurative hands of stem cells, but David Magnus, PhD, director at Stanford Center of Biomedical Ethics and professor of medicine and biomedical ethics, pediatrics at Stanford University, acknowledges that the stakes are ... more »
    • Industrializing Stem Cell Production
    • Robert Shaw
    • Stem cells have the potential to yield a consistent source of many differentiated cell types that cannot be grown in culture today This unique property will be leveraged for therapeutic purposes with more immediate applications in drug discovery and development ... more »
    • Quantifying Cell Culture Media Quality
    • Angelo DePalma
    • Cell culture media are complex products that are inherently difficult to analyze Yet, media analysis is critical for assuring product quality A group at National University of Ireland-Galway led by Alan Ryder, PhD, is investigating rapid, “holistic” fluorescence analysis for ... more »
    • Biosimilars Carve Out Unique Identity
    • Marie Rock, Ph.D.
    • Last November’s FDA public hearings on the approval pathway for biosimilars further highlighted the growing divide and upcoming challenges associated with deeming a biosimilar “highly similar” to the originator This language comes from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ... more »
    • Houston Biostartups Strong in Innovation
    • Carol Potera
    • The recession slowed the economy in many parts of the United States, but Houston, Texas, boasts a job growth rate of 117%, compared to an average 12% nationally, according to Newsweek (November 15, 2010) The city’s 160 life science companies ... more »
  • Columns

    • Biotech's Coming of Age
    • J. Leslie Glick
    • Just over a year ago, in the January 1, 2010, issue of GEN, I reported that biotech’s share of venture capital (VC) had increased percentage-wise during the recent recession For the 12-month period ending September 30, 2009, the total dollar ... more »