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October 15, Vol. 30, No. 18

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    • Nanotechnology Makes Inroads into Healthcare
    • Bill Martineau
    • Demand for nanotech medical products will increase over 17% per year until 2014, when we estimate the market for these products will reach $751 billion Afterward, the increasing flow of new nanomedicines, nanodiagnostics, and nanotech-based medical supplies and devices into ... more »
    • Tool to Improve Ion-Channel Screening
    • Andrew Southan
    • The first decade of the 21st century has delivered an extraordinary range of new technologies with relevance to early-stage ion-channel drug discovery research The advances have been at such a pace that only ten years ago the options for evaluating ... more »
    • Low-Abundance Protein Enrichment
    • One of the challenges in proteome analysis is that samples are often dominated by a relatively small number of high-abundance proteins whose presence can obscure less-abundant proteins and limit the capacity and resolution of the separation technique(s) employed This is ... more »