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February 1, Vol. 30, No. 3

  • Feature Articles

    • Dissecting Cancer Stem Cell Theories
    • Gail Dutton
    • The cancer stem cell theory, which holds that a small number of tumorigenic cells are responsible for metastases, applies only to some cancers and possibly to certain patients, according to Sean Morrison, founder of OncoMed, now at the University of ... more »
    • In Vivo Imaging Accelerates Development
    • Nina Flanagan
    • In vivo imaging technology is advancing rapidly and expanding to include not only drug discovery and development but also diagnostics Current efforts range from developing novel brain-imaging agents to further understanding the molecular basis of human behavior to engineering antibody ... more »
    • Expanding the Usefulness of qPCR
    • Vicki Glaser
    • The scope of real-time quantitative (qPCR) assays for gene-expression analysis in research applications and for sequence-specific nucleic acid detection for diagnostic purposes continues to grow Driving this growth are increasingly robust, automated, and high-throughput technologies and multiplexed analytical strategies... more »
    • Insights Accrue on Epigenetic Modification
    • Richard A. Stein
    • The biomedical literature provides many examples when medical conditions that were classically viewed as a paradigm for genetic inheritance appear to be shaped by additional factors, which cannot be explained by DNA sequence variation alone For example, there are several ... more »
    • Microbioreactors Carve Out Growing Niche
    • Angelo DePalma
    • With volumes ranging from the low tens of milliliters to nanoliters, microbioreactors (MBRs) have become one of the more interesting engineering stories in biotech At the high-end, MBRs serve as versatile scaledown systems for process development, whose utility is limited ... more »
    • Emerging Label-Free Technologies
    • K. John Morrow Jr.
    • Cell-based assays are powerful tools for monitoring response to external activation signals in living cells Recognition of this fact has been responsible for roughly 40% growth in the industry in 2008, according to SMI Conferences, which recently sponsored a symposium ... more »
  • Columns

    • Board Composition Planning
    • Peter Johnson
    • A corporate board should be composed of members having high character and the proper collective skill set to guide corporate strategy successfully Achieving this end through the initial selection of board members or by adjusting the membership of an existing ... more »
    • Epigenetic Research Surges on Many Fronts
    • Christianne Bird
    • The discovery that epigenetics plays a pivotal role in the regulation of gene expression sparked tremendous interest among researchers to further study these processes Epigenetic research has experienced a tremendous surge in recent years, as researchers discovered the major role ... more »
    • Healing the Achilles Heel of Proteomics
    • Kumar Bala
    • Proteomics has been in vogue for more than a decade with the promise of identifying biomarkers that could be of value for drug development, as well as diagnostics This promise has fueled multibillion dollar global initiatives including the National Heart ... more »