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November 15, Vol. 28, No. 20

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    • Amylin Builds on the Success of Byetta
    • Querida Anderson
    • The increasing incidence of obesity has ushered in a ripe market for type 2 diabetes drugs The commercial landscape is dominated by players with big portfolios, some particularly strong in diabetes Amylin, on the other hand, has two commercial drugs, ... more »
    • Aiming to Accelerate Discovery Process
    • Carol Potera
    • Aberrant proteins cause most diseases, and pharmaceutical companies use high-throughput screening (HTS) to identify drugs that interfere with these targets The creation of new assays to detect individual drug targets can take several months, however, creating bottlenecks in drug discovery ... more »
    • GPCR Market Exhibits Rapid Diversification
    • Ken Rubenstein
    • The differences in targets between launched and developmental compounds addressing GPCRs reflect a sea change in the pharmaceutical research paradigm Technologic and scientific advances in recent years have resulted in R&D pipelines that target a great many more GPCRs than ... more »
    • Structure of Critical GPCR Determined
    • Scientists from The Scripps Research Institute have determined the structure of a new neurological receptor, A2A adenosine receptor, from within a larger group of four GPCRs that play an essential role in the central nervous system in pain regulation, cerebral ... more »
    • Companies Collaborate to Provide Integrated Solu...
    • Aperio Technologies, a provider of systems and services for digital pathology to the healthcare and life sciences industries, joined with PDS Pathology Data Systems, which offers preclinical toxicology, pathology, and repro/teratology software, to develop an interface between Aperio’s Spectrum™ digital ... more »
  • Tutorials

    • Chromatographic Column Characterization
    • Michael McBrien
    • Stationary-phase characterization is traditionally performed with a small set of probe compounds selected to address specific retention mechanisms With the limited number of chemistries exhibited by the probe compounds, however, no single characterization method will be able to address every ... more »
    • Off-Gas Analysis for Real-Time Process Control
    • Karin Koller
    • Biotech processes should be standardized as much as possible to produce optimum product yields On-line off-gas analysis is an integral part of standardization since it allows vital process parameters—such as biomass development, substrate consumption, or product formation—to be monitored This ... more »
    • LIMS Addresses Major Biobanking Challenges
    • Doug Holbrook
    • A biobank is a repository for collections of biological materials such as blood, serum, tissue, and DNA as well as medical history and lifestyle information from representative portions of the human population The Swedish Act on Biobanks defines biobank as ... more »