Eric Rhodes Chief Technology Officer Horizon Discovery

Horizon Discovery offers both nuclease based gene editing using CRISPR technology and homologous recombination based editing using rAAV.

Horizon Discovery's GENESIS™ platform offers gene editing with CRISPR, rAAV, and ZFN technologies. Learn more about these approaches and how they can be used to engineer your cell line. (If you're having trouble viewing the video, click here.)


For more on CRISPR, be sure to check out “CRISPR Gene Editing: It Isn't Quite As Easy As It Looks“, “CRISPR Case Study: Knockout of Two Genes in a Triploid Cell Line“, and “Technical Note: Potential to Supercharge CRISPR Gene Editing by Combining with rAAV“.

Eric Rhodes ([email protected]) is SVP, R&D and CTO of Horizon Discovery.

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