Last month, Thermo Fisher Scientific announced the opening of an 80,000 m2 current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) facility in Hangzhou, China. “The facility leverages single-use technologies in both drug substance and drug product manufacturing with the flexibility to support a wide range of production scales and volumes,” said Paul Jorjorian, vice president and general manager, biologics, pharma services, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Jorjorian calls this facility “a strategic addition to Thermo Fisher’s global pharma services network.” It’s designed to serve a broad geographic region. As Jorjorian said, it “can address the needs of organizations for biologics and sterile medicine development and manufacturing capabilities in the Asia-Pacific region.”

In describing the features of this facility, Jorjorian said: “The Hangzhou site offers end-to-end capabilities from development to commercialization, providing a one-stop solution to biopharmaceutical customers of all sizes.” This facility can also support biopharmaceutical companies with clinical trials, commercial approval, and supplying products.

To support broad opportunities in approval and distribution, Thermo Fisher thought ahead. As the company stated: “The site incorporates stringent quality control processes that meet or exceed regulatory guidelines established by the China National Medical Products Administration (NMPA), the FDA, authorities in Europe, and elsewhere.”

Overall, added Jorjorian, the Hangzhou facility will “help local pharmaceutical partners to rapidly realize innovation and reach international markets.”

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