The Potential of NGS to Revolutionize Personalized Medicine and to Peer into Our Genetic Past Is Staggering

The potential of next-generation sequencing (NGS) to revolutionize personalized medicine and to peer into our genetic past is staggering. While recent technological advances in NGS have propelled our knowledge and understanding of genomics forward, several technical challenges still remain in order to gain that next level of understanding and clinical utility. Here we present several articles and commentaries that present solutions to the current technical limitations, and offer the possibilities of where the technology could take science.

As a premier partner in genomics, PerkinElmer offers automated NGS library preparation workflows enabling researchers to remove the tedious manual aspects of the process. Our solutions for extraction and quantitation ensure that only DNA/RNA of the highest purity and integrity are used in library generation. Open-platform NGS sample preparation workstations eliminate the processing bottlenecks presented by today’s sequencing technologies.

We hope the content of this eBook further expands your curiosity of genomics and sheds some light on what the future might hold.

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