The focus of this report is the Market Dynamics of the Point-of-Care Diagnostics (POCD) Field.

  • The Point-of-Care Diagnostics (POCD) field is expanding and is truly a global field with contributions from around the world
  • Our analysis of the structure and dynamics of this marketplace reveal the “venue” where POCD are administered as well as the “biological sample class” on which POCD analyses are performed
  • Furthermore, we are able to identify technology platforms who penetrance within the POCD field is growing — such as microfluidics and PCR
  • Given the complexity and granularity of the POCD field, it is complex to analyze as its not “one ensemble.”  We’ve been able to analyze the individual components driving this field as well as the areas of impact
  • In our next report on POCD published by GEN, we’ll be analyzing the disease classes currently addressed using POCD — such data are immensely important for emerging companies in the POCD space who seek to deploy their resources on areas of market opportunity but also those territories which are not heavily populated by product offerings from the larger participants in this space

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“Market Dynamics of the Point-of-Care Diagnostics (POCD) Field” is part 1 of a series. To read part 2 of this series visit “Point-of-Care Diagnostics: Market Dynamics”.

Enal Razvi, Ph.D., conducted his doctoral work on viral immunology and subsequent to receiving his Ph.D. went on to the Rockefeller University in New York to serve as Aaron Diamond Post-doctoral fellow under Professor Ralph Steinman [Nobel Prize Winner in 2011 for his discovery of dendritic cells in the early-70s with Zanvil Cohn]. Subsequently, Dr. Razvi completed his research fellowship at Harvard Medical School. For the last two decades Dr. Razvi has worked with small and large companies and consulted for more than 100 clients worldwide. He currently serves as Biotechnology Analyst and Managing Director of SelectBio U.S. He can be reached at [email protected].

Gary M. Oosta holds a Ph.D. in Biophysics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.A. in Chemistry from E. Mich. Univ. He has 25 years of industrial research experience in various technology areas including medical diagnostics, thin-layer coating, bio-effects of electromagnetic radiation, and blood coagulation. Dr. Oosta has authored 20 technical publications and is an inventor on 77 patents worldwide. In addition, he has managed research groups that were responsible for many other patented innovations. Dr. Oosta has a long-standing interest in using patents and publications as strategic technology indicators for future technology selection and new product development.

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