With a health scare in California there are many unanswered questions. What we do know can be viewed in this graphic from the USC Keck School of Medicine.

The Hantavirus is a very dangerous and very deceiving illness that mimics the symptoms of the common flu. This infographic from USC, Master of Public Health Online shows that within the first few days all symptoms appear as the flu would, but after the four day mark symptoms elevate, and become more strenuous. Carried by rodents, the Hantavirus is spread through their waste, which becomes airborne when their living space is disturbed. Any home or place of business should take premeditated actions against the virus by fixing holes around the building, as well as by dealing with the rodents currently inside. If anyone has been exposed to infested areas and starts to show flu-like symptoms, get help as soon as possible, because early treatment greatly increases your chance of survival.

If you're having trouble viewing the graphic, click here.

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