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After Conquering the Internet, Search Giant Targets Disease with Tech, Tools, and More

Google promised would-be investors a future of expansion well beyond Internet searches over a decade ago, declaring in its 2004 initial public offering: “We will not hesitate to place major bets on promising new opportunities.”

With several developments in August, Google left no doubt that it views among those promising new opportunities a position of prominence within the life sciences.

Google placed its most recent major bet in life sciences August 31, when it joined Sanofi in launching a collaboration with Joslin Diabetes Center focused on developing new digital technology and tools for diabetes.

The partners aim to use data and miniaturized technology to provide patients with more tools to self-manage their disease, and healthcare professionals with the ability to better support and treat patients.

“One of our key roles will be to ensure that the vast amounts of data that are being collected, analyzed and integrated across multiple sources of information can be clinically translated so that it is useful, intelligible, intuitive, and easy for patients, their families, and their care teams to use,” Joslin president and CEO John L. Brooks, III said. “This will help patients to successfully manage their diabetes 24/7, hence reducing complications, and improving outcomes, quality of life, and ultimately lowering costs.”

“Details around specific patient sourcing, etc. have not been decided on at this point,” Brooks added.


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