January 15, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 2)

In this special section, we present four articles on Big Data. Each contains big ideas from a big player—Seven Bridges discusses precision medicine research in the million-genome era; Dell, the utilization of machine-learning capabilities; Qlucore, visualization for advanced Big Data analysis; and Paradigm4, next-generation sequencing Big Data issues for biomanufacturing. 
Big Data has fast become more than a biotech buzz word. In fact, the term impacts every stage of the new product discovery, development, and manufacturing cycle. Big Data signifies the critical importance of drug discovery researchers, clinical investigators, and bioprocessors being able to efficiently and economically deal with often overwhelming amounts of scientific information. How to best accomplish this? Our special Big Data section describes several specific techniques and case studies to provide you with some ideas on how your organization can succeed in handling its own Big Data requirements. The core articles include: Precision Medicine Research in the Million-Genome Era; Utilizing Machine-Learning Capabilities; NGS Big Data Issues for Biomanufacturing; and Visualization for Advanced Big Data Analysis. We are confident that these articles will be of interest to you and your colleagues as we begin 2017 with thoughts of projecting our data-rich ventures into a scientifically remunerative future.

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