The Latest Version of GEN’s Dictionary Contains More Terms and Many Updated Definitions

We, the keepers of the GEN Dictionary, hold that it is quality that matters, not quantity. But we’re not fanatics. In fact, we’re keen to add words. Just look at the most recent version of the GEN Dictionary. It’s 10% larger than the previous version.

Don’t worry. We’re not going to turn into lexical hoarders. We think of each definition we add as another room in a well-managed house. However many definitions we add, we keep them free of clutter. This isn’t Wikipedia.

So, feel free to visit. You won’t be obliged to clamber over piles of excess verbiage. You’ll find what you need, quickly. And if you notice that anything is out of place, or missing, let us know. We’ll revise or add definitions as needed. Our dictionary is your dictionary.

Contact GEN at [email protected] or send a tweet to @GENbio using hashtag #GENDictionary.

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