Accelrys Launches Pipeline Pilot 8.0

Accelrys released Pipeline Pilot™ 8.0, its scientific informatics platform. Company officials say that the product has been further developed to support a greater number of scientists and researchers working individually or as collaborative teams across the wider scientific R&D enterprise.

Frank Brown, Ph.D., senior vp and CSO at Accelrys, notes that Pipeline Pilot 8 can help scientists deal with today’s research challenges.

“For example, if you’re a pharmaceutical chemist, you might want to bring bioassay data together to see how your molecule is responding. You also might want to include toxicology and patent data. All of this has to be modeled to extract more information from the primary data,” he explains. “While it’s one thing to generate the data, you usually want to derive additional value and information. Pipeline Pilot is best suited to do that, with its ability to retrieve data, analyze, and then report on it.”

Bruce Lefker, a research fellow at Pfizer, discussed how a company team built an integrated data analysis, collaboration, and workflow system for medicinal chemistry project teams using Pipeline Pilot.

“A series of automated processes were built to gather, integrate, and store real and virtual molecules and their measured and calculated properties. All data for both real and virtual compounds of interest to the project team are brought together in a single user interface in the Project-Focused Activity and Knowledge Tracker (PFAKT) application, enhancing decision-making, improving team communication, and increasing efficiency through the medicinal chemistry design cycle. Nearly 350 chemists at Pfizer’s Groton research site are users of the PFAKT system.”

According to Dr. Brown, version 8 introduces new capabilities, including enhanced rapid application development and deployment; enterprise-class performance and scalability; enhanced security and administration; improved reporting and collaboration; and an expanded set of scientific protocol collections.

Other enhancements make it faster and simpler to build and debug protocol applications, automate scientific workflows, reduce cycle times, and improve productivity.

For more information on Pipeline Pilot 8.0 and an upcoming web seminar series, click link.