The Avengers of Biotech

Class of 2020

GEN is proud to launch a new international competition to recognize outstanding talents in biomedical research who are driving innovation or making a mark in the drug discovery/biotech industry.

The GEN TEN program seeks to recognize a diverse group of young scientists whose work is having a broad impact on their field and beyond. Nominations are sought from any interested party. The final selections will be made by GEN’s editorial team. The winners will be profiled in GEN (July 2020).

The nomination process is open to any subscriber or reader of GEN. Please fill out the form below, providing a brief description of the candidate’s research and qualifications. Why are you so excited about this person’s research and potential?

Nomination Guidelines:

WHO: Searching for diverse group of scientists making an impact in the early stages of their career, including graduate students and post-docs. Candidates are welcomed from industry (biotech, pharma), academia, non-profit or government organizations.

FIELD: We welcome nominees in any area of drug discovery or groundbreaking biomedical research with commercial potential or applications. Examples include:

  • Platform Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Genomics/Proteomics
  • Drug discovery
  • Genome Editing
  • Neuroscience
  • Synthetic Biology

DIVERSITY: We value diversity in the nomination pool. Candidates are encouraged from all countries. We encourage nominations of women and other minorities.

This form is currently closed for submissions.