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December 24, 2007

Top NIH Grants for 2007

  • As year end approaches, we thought our website visitors would be interested in seeing which institutions, scientists, and projects received the largest NIH grants in 2007. Below, please find two listings. The first shows the top 25 grant receiving institutions based on the total value of all NIH grants awarded in 2007. The second covers the top 20 NIH-funded principal investigators affiliated with one of those institutes and their respective projects at those institutes.

    Also, on behalf of the entire editorial and production teams at Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News, we wish you a happy (and healthy) holiday season.

    John Sterling, Editor-in-Chief, GEN

    Top 25 NIH-Funded Institutes
    Johns Hopkins University – $566,516,255
    University of Pennsylvania – $434,874,723
    University of Washington – $413,626,930
    University of California, San Francisco – $395,495,921
    University of Michigan at Ann Arbor – $392,715,838
    Duke University – $372,132,106
    University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh – $366,705,109
    Washington University – $365,486,851
    Yale University – $339,469,947
    University of California, San Diego – $313,517,053
    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill – $304,100,696
    Stanford University – $298,523,784
    Massachusetts General Hospital – $297,142,017
    Vanderbilt University – $288,640,609
    Columbia University Health Sciences – $280,158,693
    Brigham and Women’s Hospital – $254,495,260
    University of Minnesota, Twin Cities – $247,095,682
    University of California, Los Angeles – $242,167,059
    University of Wisconsin, Madison – $233,382,149
    Emory University – $220,375,040
    Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center – $217,239,139
    Baylor College of Medicine – $207,665,311
    Scripps Research Institute – $197,935,398
    University of Chicago – $194,964,247
    University of Alabama at Birmingham – $192,223,812

    Top 20 NIH-funded Principal Investigators Affiliated with One of the Above Institutes and the Projects Being Done at  Those Institutes
    Barton F. Haynes (Duke University) – Center for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology: $46,482,429
    Richard K. Wilson (Washington University) – Center for Large-Scale Genome Sequencing & Analysis – $45,224,621
    Lawrence Corey (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center) – Leadership Group for a Global HIV Vaccine Clinical Trials Network – $41,690,531
    Richard A. Gibbs (Baylor College of Medicine) – Genomes and Genetics at the BCM-HGSC – $27,589,422
    James D. Neaton (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities) – International Network for Strategic Initiatives in Global HIV Trials (INSIGHT) – $24,888,780
    Sidney D. Nelson (University of Washington) – National Primate Research Center – $12,601,466
    David Salmon (University of California, San Diego) – Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study – $10,534,032
    Ian A. Wilson (Scripps Research Institute) – Joint Center for Structural Genomics – $10,159,851
    Andrzej Joachimiak (University of Chicago) – The Midwest Center for Structural Genomics – $10,159,851
    Ronald Gary Tompkins (Massachusetts General Hospital) – Inflammation and the Host Responses to Injury – $7,963,235.
    Ronald W. Davis (Stanford University) – Functional Genomics and Technology – $7,891,904
    Martin D. Abeloff (John Hopkins University) – Regional Oncology Research Center – $7,564,613
    John H. Glick (University of Pennsylvania) – Abramson Cancer Center of the U of P Core Support Grant – $7,282,327
    Martin Cadwallader (University of Wisconsin, Madison) – Regional Primate Research Center Support – $7,237,955
    Gary L. Gottlieb (Brigham and Women’s Hospital) – General Clinical Research Center – $6,178,289
    Edward Partridge (University of Alabama at Birmingham) – Comprehensive Cancer Center Core Support Grant – $5,898,083
    Frank Patrick McCormick (University of California, San Francisco) – Cancer Center Support Grant – $5,838,822

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