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July 20, 2010

Pfizer Axes Two More Pain Trials with Tanezumab

Chronic low back pain and painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy studies find same fate as previously halted osteoarthritis trial.

  • Pfizer has nixed two more clinical studies of tanezumab two months after halting a Phase III trial in osteoarthritis patients to treat chronic pain. FDA has now asked that the Phase II stage chronic low back pain and painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy programs also be suspended. Investigation of the compound continues in some areas including cancer pain, according to Pfizer.

    FDA's request follows further consideration of adverse events reports in osteoarthritis patients taking tanezumab. The agency is concerned that there is potential for such events in other patient populations in which the compound is being studied.

    On June 23, Pfizer reported the suspension of tanezumab in patients with osteoarthritis. The firm axed the late-stage study in this indication for chronic pain and also stopped tanezumab treatment in osteoarthritis patients enrolled in Phase II trials in other chronic pain settings.

    Pfizer said that there were a few reports that osteoarthritis patients receiving the mAb candidate experienced worsening of their disease and needed joint replacements. At the time the company reported that adverse effects had not been recorded in nonosteoarthritis patients taking tanezumab.

Posted 8/17/2010 by Carolyn Schott

It's been a couple of months since my last infusion, and the soreness in my knees is returning.  Tanezumab did wonders for me in the 2 years that I was in the study.  I hope and pray the wonderful drug  is available soon.

Posted 7/24/2010 by Jeff

I have been part of the trials for this drug since February of this year. I have had three injections and my conditions with osteoarthritis have worsened at a faster rate than before I was in the study. The drug had no impact on my level of pain and since there is no placebo in the trial, I was receiving some amount of the drug. Over the past month I have experienced some of the worst pain I have ever had with my ongoing battle with osteoarthritis. I had a hip replaced in 1997 and the pain in my hip prior to the replacement was unbearable, but recently, several joints have hurt as bad as my hip prior to replacement. I hope Pfizer takes care of my concerns and provides some treatment if I have had a negative result from the trials. I am concerned with a possible side effect of osteonecrosis and am hoping for the best.


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