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September 19, 2011

PacBio Taps Cycle Computing for Next-Gen Sequencing Support on the Cloud

  • Pacific Biosciences is working with Cycle Computing to optimize analysis software for its Single Molecule Real Time (SMRT®) sequencing products for the cloud. A beta version of the solution is expected to be available with the next major PacBio RS upgrade, currently scheduled for the end of 2011.

    The cloud-based version of the SMRT Analysis packages is reportedly designed to provide dynamic, high-performance computing that scales to meet the data analysis needs for SMRT sequencing. It also supports a workflow that includes sample preparation, sequencing, and completed data analysis in less than one day.

    “Analysis of long, single molecule, real-time sequencing reads from unamplified samples without the need to maintain complex and expensive hardware and software will offer customers more flexibility to realize the potential of the PacBio RS,” says Edwin Hauw, director of software product management for Pacific Biosciences. “By leveraging Cycle Computing’s expertise in building scalable, high-performance cloud computing applications, our goal is to provide the best balance of performance and convenience for customers.”

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