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November 30, 2010

NewGene to Provide NimbleGen Sequence Capture Services in the U.K.

  • NewGene has become a certified service provider (CSP) for NimbleGen Sequence Capture arrays in the U.K. It will provide services related to SeqCap EZ arrays with sequencing on the Genome Sequencer FLX System from 454 Life Sciences. In addition, it will process customer gDNA samples for genomic enrichment, using the complete NimbleGen Sequence Capture Array workflow optimized for 454 GS FLX Titanium Series sequencing.

    “The ability to couple NimbleGen Sequence Capture technology with our next-generation sequencing capabilities will provide significant scientific, technical, and economic benefits to our U.K, customers” says David Huntley, CEO at NewGene.

    NimbleGen Sequence Capture arrays enable users to produce targeted, sequencing-ready samples in the lab for use with next-generation sequencing instruments. Utilizing high-density, long-oligo NimbleGen arrays, either the whole human exome or the human genomic regions users specify are hybridized and eluted, ready for subsequent amplification and sequencing. The array-based process offers significant speed and scalability advantages over current PCR-based methods for targeted enrichment, according to Roche, NimbleGen's parent company.

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