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June 15, 2012

Life Technologies Gains Rights to iPS Academia Japan’s Patents

  • Life Technologies entered a nonexclusive agreement with iPS Academia Japan for its induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) patent portfolio. The worldwide license will enable Life Technologies to expand its range of products and services for the iPSC research community.

    By leveraging its expertise in stem cell tool manufacturing and its global distribution network, Life Technologies believes that it is now positioned to develop and commercialize products designed to create iPSCs and differentiate them into any cell type for use in drug discovery and preclinical research. In addition to directly selling iPSCs, the deal enables the company to provide iPSC creation, differentiation, and screening services for scientists around the world.

    “Because iPS cells are gaining greater attention for uses in drug discovery and disease research as well as other areas of biotechnology, distribution of iPS cell products or provision of services is important for gaining momentum in iPS cell research,” says Shosaku Murayama, president and CEO of iPS Academia Japan. “We believe that Life Technologies' business will contribute to boost research and development for practical application of iPS cell technology.”

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