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November 3, 2010

Ingenuity Systems and Geospiza Integrate Software to Improve Next-Generation Sequencing Workflow

  • Ingenuity Systems and Geospiza agreed to integrate their software products, IPA and GeneSifter, respectively, to enable what they call “a seamless new next-generation sequencing analysis workflow.” Researchers will be able to obtain deep biological insights from their project samples through a rapid and reliable workflow to analyze and visualize next-generation sequencing data.

    The Ingenuity IPA software helps researchers model, analyze, and understand complex biological and chemical systems. It can be used to search the Ingenuity Knowledge Base for information on genes, proteins, chemicals, drugs, and molecular relationships to build biological models, according to the company. IPA provides biological context to facilitate informed decision-making, advance research project design, and generate new testable hypotheses.

    GeneSifter Analysis Edition is a cloud-based data analysis product for microarray and next-generation sequencing data. It aids in the incorporation of sophisticated data management and computation analysis, resulting in improved quality and productivity in experimental and decision-making processes.

    "This is a perfect synthesis of expertise, in my opinion," says Christopher Mason, Ph.D., professor of computational genomics at the Institute for Computational Biomedicine at Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC). "Geospiza has already worked with every modality of sequencing from every known platform and will work with all of the emerging technologies. They have shown that they can easily convert raw data to per-base dynamics, and the logical next step for contextualizing genetic, epigenetic, transcriptional, and/or proteomic common and rare variation is to overlay these changes within the known and predicted pathways and drug targets that are well-annotated and curated by Ingenuity.”

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