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August 6, 2008

ChanTest Launches New Supply Business with Nine Ion Channel Expressing Cell Lines

  • Formerly a services company, ChanTest is expanding its offerings by providing a selection of its fully validated cell lines to researchers for use in house. More information on the nine cell lines being made available can be obtained at http://www.chantestchannels.com.

    The nine cell lines have been validated on the major ion channel platforms including manual patch clamp, PatchXpress®, QPatch, IonWorks®, Quattro™, and FLIPR-Tetra®, according to Arthur Brown, founder and CEO. Optimization on all platforms is in progress. Brown reported that the firm will expand the number of cell lines available during 2008 to 64. By June 2009, the company intends to have 120 cell lines validated and optimized, he added during an interview with GEN at "Drug Discovery and Development of Innovative Therapeutics" conference in Boston.

    The cell lines now available include the following: Channel: hERG hERG KvLQT1-MinK Kir2.1 Kv1.5 Cell Type: HEK293 CHO CHO HEK293 HEK293 Channel: Kv4.3 HCN4 Nav1.7 Kv1.3 Cell Type: HEK293 HEK293 CHO HEK293.

    “Some companies prefer to maintain testing in house,” comments Brown. “For those customers, we're pleased to offer a new way that researchers can benefit from ChanTest's ion channel expertise and exhaustive study of the characteristics of our ion channel library by purchasing our validated cell lines.”