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June 8, 2012

Blaze Bioscience Scores $5M to Move Tumor Paint Technology into Clinic

  • Blaze Bioscience has raised $5 million in Series A financing to further the company’s Tumor Paint technology. The company is developing Tumor Paint for real-time, high-resolution visualization of solid tumors.

    The technology was originated in and licensed from the laboratory of one of Blaze Bioscience’s founders, Jim Olson of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. By binding to and illuminating cancer cells, Tumor Paint may enable surgeons to see and remove cancerous tissue that might have otherwise been undetected. The first Tumor Paint candidate combines a targeting peptide and a fluorescent beacon. It is under development for multiple solid tumors.

    “This funding is a significant milestone for Blaze Bioscience,” says Heather Franklin, co-founder, president and CEO. “It will allow the company to transition from the seed stage to full execution mode moving Tumor Paint into development, including product scale-up and toxicology studies, on schedule.”

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