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The emergence of various hiPSC-derived cell types (cardiac

Speeding Drug Development with Clinical Trials in a Dish

A new perspective about clinical trials in a dish (CTiD), a novel strategy that bridges preclinical testing and clinical trials

NanoTemper Technologies Launches NT.Robotic Autosampler

NanoTemper Technologies launched the NT.Robotic autosampler at the SLAS2018 Conference in San Diego.

Labcyte Unveils Novel Acoustic Sample Management Platform

Labcyte developed the new acoustic sample management system for high-throughput new drug screening with AstraZeneca, Brooks Life Sciences, and Titian Software.

Carterra Moves Forward to Commercialize LSA Platform

While the LSA has been developed for any molecular interaction analysis project, Carterra is focusing on therapeutic antibodies.

Charles River Labs Inks Deal to Access AstraZeneca’s HTS System

In the deal, AstraZeneca agreed to give Charles River Laboratories access to its high-throughput screening and compound management technologies

Beckman Coulter Expands Lab Automation Business with Labcyte Acquisition

Beckman Coulter said today it has acquired Labcyte for an undisclosed price, in a deal that expands the buyer’s laboratory automation business. Based in San...
bioprocessing bottleneck

Biomanufacturing Bottlenecks

GEN's contributing editor K. John Morrow, Jr., PhD, recently spoke with several industry leaders to discuss the issue of bottlenecks in the biopharmaceutical industry and how they can be addressed as the industry evolves.
Cannabis Keyboard

Using a Purpose-Built Cannabis Lab Informatics System

Newly respectable cannabis firms must satisfy business expectations and regulatory requirements. To stay on the up and up, these firms can rely on a Web-based, purpose-built LIMS from LabVantage.