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Introducing Close to the Edge — a new live Zoom show from the creators of GEN Edge.

In this new live series, we’ll be interviewing chief executives and scientific and business leaders from the biotech spectrum. We’ll ask about their business models and opportunities, new products and technologies, competitive advantage and headwinds, and much more.

Christian Henry
Christian Henry
Chief Executive Officer

Over the next few months, we’ll be talking to a variety of outstanding executives from fields such as drug development, genome editing, cell therapy, and much more.

In the first live episode on May 12, Alex Philippidis (Senior Business Editor, GEN) and Kevin Davies, PhD (Editor-at-Large) welcome Christian Henry, the CEO of PacBio, for this exclusive interview. We’ll have lots to discuss, including PacBio’s technological edge in long-read sequencing, the ramifications of the big merger that didn’t happen, and the company’s growth plans in both the biotech and clinical space.