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September 15, 2009 (Vol. 29, No. 16)

Symyx Technologies Ventures Into Novel Arena

Opening of CDMO Coincides with Strategic Move Targeting Pharmaceuticals and Biologics

  • Broadening Its Business Base

    Symyx also targets companies that have product pipelines that match the services offered by the CDMO. By building up a portfolio of products and companies, Symyx intends to not only broaden its business base, but also strengthen its software and high-productivity research units. 

    Other core capabilities of Symyx include scientific information management, microscale, parallel experimentation, and contract research. Boehner points out that Symyx was a pioneer in microscale, parallel high-throughput technology that combines automation with advanced informatics. The technology makes it possible to run hundreds or thousands of experiments in parallel to streamline workflow tasks such as solubility profiling, liquid formulations, and excipient compatibility, he says.

    Scientists can experiment with milligrams, rather than grams, of a costly chemical in early-stage development. Informatics improves data visualization and analysis as large comprehensive data sets are delivered in days, rather than weeks or months. Compounds that hold promise are separated from dead ends, shortening the discovery path.

    Symyx HPR products consist of specialized tools that combine microscale, high-throughput technology and lab automation software to reduce the amount of expensive chemicals needed for early-stage experiments.
    Symyx is also a purveyor  of specialized electronic notebook, data acquisition, and decision-support software and scientific databases. These products give scientists access to personal, corporate, and public sources of data to support information-driven research and development processes.

    As laboratories phase out paper record keeping, electronic notebooks are improving the collection, analysis, and accessibility of data. Symyx’s software portfolio was designed to support the capture of notebook and instrument-generated information into repositories.

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