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September 15, 2009 (Vol. 29, No. 16)

Live-Cell Luminescent Assays for GPCR Studies

Combination of Sensitive Detection and Real-Time Analysis Expands Applications

  • Advantages of the GloSensor cAMP Assay for High-Throughput Screening and Compound Profiling

    • Extremely sensitive—Interrogation of endogenous Gs- and Gi-coupled receptors, direct detection of inverse agonists
    • Huge signal-to-background ratio, up to 500-fold increases in light output
    • Easily miniaturized assay format, including uHTS
    • Low cost in a variety of formats (1-100 µL final assay volume)
    • Glow-type bioluminescent readout; no fluorescence-based interference issues
    • Enables combination screens for agonists, allosteric modulators and/or antagonists
    • Frozen-cell compatible
    • Single-cell imaging using luminescence microscopy; whole-animal imaging studies in progress


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