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July 01, 2010 (Vol. 30, No. 13)

Enhancing the Visibility of Sample Quality

Vision Technology Is Being Used to Facilitate Liquid Volume Auditing and Precipitate Detection

  • Other Applications

    In addition to compound management and HTS applications, this technology has been found to exhibit good performance when auditing DNA (in buffer solution) as well as other biological fluids. Other applications where the technology is proving of interest include biobanking, sample QC and empty tube detection, sample dissolution and solubility quality checks, and cap detection (to avoid liquid-handling tip damage).

    As users become aware of the possibilities that vision technology brings, it is highly likely that new applications will arise. A recent example of this is the detection of the presence of mixing beads in sample tubes.

  • Conclusion

    By applying vision technology, users now have access to a high-accuracy methodology for auditing liquid sample volumes and detecting precipitates that takes significantly less time than existing methods.

    Onerous manual visual checks, or slow automated processes, can be eliminated, allowing regular monitoring of sample tubes. This increases confidence in the quality of the sample being stored and reduces the impact of variable quality on downstream processes such as screening and analysis.

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