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Felix Theeuwes D.Sc.

Felix Theeuwes, D.Sc. is Chairman, co-founder, and Chief Scientific Officer at DURECT Corporation, established in July of 1998 as a spinout from ALZA Corporation to focus on the development of pharmaceutical systems and products to treat chronic debilitating diseases and enabling biotechnology drugs.Dr. Theeuwes was with ALZA Corporation from 1970 until June 1999 holding positions directing research, technology development, and product development for a variety of controlled drug delivery systems. His work led to the product introduction of the ALZET® mini osmotic pump series for animal research, and the OROS® systems series of products. He directed research in transdermal research and development, initiated the electrotransport/iontophoresis program, and initiated the DUROS® osmotic implant program. He holds more than 210 U.S. patents covering these systems and published more than 80 articles and book chapters.

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