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Improving Plasmid and Viral Vectors in Cell and Gene Therapy

In this GEN webinar, we will hear how GenScript ProBio aids the biopharma industry as it continues to develop and optimize processes for GMP plasmids, lenti, and AAV viral vector manufacturing.
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Biomanufacturing Assumes Central Role in Cell and Gene Therapies

In this GEN Keynote webinar, sponsored by Absorption Systems, Dr. Peter Marks, director of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) at the FDA, will share how CBER is providing oversight to organizations during the critical developmental and manufacturing stages for biological products, as well as throughout the product life cycle.
DNA and genome editing

CRISPR-Based In Vivo Genome Editing and Base Editing

In this GEN webinar, Dr. Wen Xue will present a modular delivery strategy for homology-directed repair by combining lipid nanoparticle delivery of Cas9 mRNA with adeno-associated viruses (AAV) encoding a sgRNA and a repair template.

Traveling through Space and Time: Trajectories of Our Most Powerful Immune Cells

Immune medicines, across cancers, infectious disease, and inflammatory disease, hold our closest promise to lasting curative therapies. In this sponsored webinar, IsoPlexis and various researchers will speak about the shift in space and time towards ‘Smaller’ to target our most powerful single cells, in order to accelerate timelines for finding these cures.

A CRISPR Vision for the Future of Cell Therapy

In this webinar from GEN and The CRISPR Journal, T.J. Cradick, PhD, —who was until recently head of genome editing at CRISPR Therapeutics—will introduce how genome editing is used to engineer cell therapies.
Single Cell Organisms

Automating Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing Workflows

In TODAY's GEN webinar, sponsored by Accellix, our distinguished speaker will describe the simple, but elegant production process his organization uses when manufacturing hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) therapies, and discuss many of the special considerations involved in the analytical development and production of various cell therapies.
Embryonic stem cells

Looking toward the Future of Cell & Gene Therapies

In this GEN webinar, sponsored by PerkinElmer, our expert speakers, who are leading investigators in the field of cell and gene therapy, will discuss emerging gene-edited and engineered cell therapies for cancer, as well as the next generation of AAV vectors for human gene therapy.
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Tackling Disease with iPSCs and Genome Editing

In this GEN webinar, sponsored by Horizon Discovery, we will provide a field overview of how iPSCs, coupled with genome editing, hold the potential to expand our understanding of human diseases further, and facilitate the development of new therapies.

Base Editing: Putting Precision into Genomic Medicine

During this presentation, which is part of TriLink BioTechnologies gene editing and cell therapy webinar series, Dr. Gaudelli will discuss how her group has transformed off-the-shelf base editors from a technology developed in academia to a promising therapeutic tool through engineering, screening, and directed evolution.

Gene Therapy: What’s Up With AAV?

In this recorded GEN Live event, sponsored by PerkinElmer, we discussed the state of gene therapy, the rise of AAV, and the safety issues that need to be addressed going forward.