ImmunoGen Licenses Cancer Compounds to Sanofi

Amendments to 2003, 2013 collaborations give Sanofi rights to develop, manufacture, and commercialize an unconjugated antibody and four antibody–drug conjugates

Skin Microbiome Can Be Negatively Altered by Topical Antibiotics

Penn researchers say their study is first to show long-term effects of antimicrobial drugs on skin microbiome.

MD Anderson, Theraclone Launch Immuno-Oncology Antibody Discovery Company

OncoResponse will use Theraclone’s I-STAR™ immune repertoire screening technology to identify therapeutic antibodies against new targets

Antibiotic-Resistant Bugs Appear to Use Universal Ribosome-Stalling Mechanism

Researchers at St. Louis University say they have discovered new information about how antibiotics like azithromycin stop staph infections, and why staph sometimes becomes resistant to drugs.

FDA Approves Novartis’ Flucelvax

The seasonal flu vaccine will be produced in Holly Springs, NC, at the first facility of its kind in the US

Perrigo Buying Elan for $8.6B

The combined company will enjoy double-digit royalty income from Tysabri® and Ireland’s low corporate taxes

Raman Spectroscopy Sheds Light on Immunotherapy’s Effects on Tumors

Johns Hopkins University engineers report using a non-invasive optical probe to understand the complex changes in tumors after immunotherapy. The research team’s approach combines detailed mapping of the biochemical composition of tumors with Raman spectroscopy and machine learning.

Novel Technique Designs Mini-Proteins That May Lead to New Types of...

Computer method developed to generate many small proteins that can be designed to bind to therapeutic targets

Microprotein Could Point to New Therapeutic Targets for Diverse Human Diseases

Study results indicate that a previously uncharacterized 54 amino acid microprotein called PIGBOS sits on the outer mitochondrial membrane and plays a key role in modulating the unfolded protein response, or UPR, which mitigates a form of cellular stress. Dysregulation of UPR is thought to underpin a range of diseases including Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders.

FDA Expands Gardasil Label to Include Anal Cancer

Sanction was based on study that found the HPV vaccine to be 78% effective.