ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Chooses PCT for Supply of Glioblastoma Vaccine Candidate

ICT-107 is a dendritic cell-based immunotherapy targeting multiple tumor-associated antigens.

Selecta Awarded $3M by NIDA to Progress Synthetic Nicotine Vaccine into...

Firm claims nanotechnology could lead to safer, more effective vaccines.

Novartis, Artios Pharma Target Cancer in Up-to-$1.3B DDR Collaboration

The companies plan to discover and validate targets that enhance Novartis’ Radioligand Therapies (RLTs) through a three-year research collaboration. Novartis will select up to three exclusive DDR targets, and receive worldwide rights on these targets for use with its RLTs, which are designed to deliver targeted radiation to a specific subset of cancer cells with minimal effect on surrounding healthy cells.

BARDA to Fund Development of Rempex Antimicrobial

Rempex Pharmaceuticals has been awarded a BARDA contract worth up to $90 million to support the development of Carbavance.

Manufacturing Innovation Key for Gene Therapy Sector Growth

Gene therapy developers struggle to manufacture trial materials, according to U.K. group behind network of innovation centers intended to help researchers move therapies into the clinic.

What’s Holding Streptomyces Back from Producing Gene-Encoding Drugs?

Biologists at the Washington University in St. Louis are using comparative metabologenomics to try to uncover what may be “silencing” Streptomyces (the bacteria responsible for the first bacterial antibiotics to treat tuberculosis back in the 1940s) and preventing it from producing desirable compounds encoded by its genes. The study highlights comparative metabologenomics as a powerful approach to expose the features that differentiate strong antibiotic producers from weaker ones.

Rentschler Breaks Ground on New U.S. Production Site

Rentschler's new facility, adjacent to the existing Milford, MA site, is expected to significantly expand cGMP manufacturing capacity.

Ferring Buys Ex-U.S. Rights to Commercialize ED Cream from Apricus

Ferring will pay up to $12.7 million for on-demand alprostadil cream as Apricus prepares to resubmit NDA to FDA

Marijuana Could Ease Burden of Opioid Addiction

New study shows that cannabinoids reduce cravings and ease withdrawal symptoms in heroin users

Merck to Acquire Oncolytic Immunotherapy Developer Viralytics for $394M

Deal expands the buyer’s immuno-oncology pipeline with Cavatak® (coxsackievirus Type A21, or CVA21), which has already shown positive clinical data in combination trials
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