FDA Lifts Hold on Dynavax’ Phase III HBV Vaccine

Agency is allowing testing in renal-failure patients but not healthy people. Firm would also like to test in people over 40.

arGEN-X Raises About $13.6M to Fortify mAb Development Platform

Simple Antibody technology exploits the fact that the variable domains of camelid 4-chain antibodies display sequence and structural homology to human counterparts.

Roche to Investigate ImmunoCellular Therapeutics’ Anticancer mAb

Preclinical monoclonal antibody has shown potential to diagnose and treat multiple myeloma (MM) and ovarian cancer.

Roche Pays PTC $12M Up Front in CNS Drug Discovery Collaboration

Celgene separately exercised option to work with PTC to discover small molecules against oncology targets.

Danaher Snags Life Technologies’ MS Business and MDS Analytical Technologies for...

Acquired mass spectrometry division is a JV between Applied Biosystems and MDS Sciex. MDS is also trying to divest its pharma services and central labs business.

PsychoGenics to Assess AstraZeneca Candidates for Treating Central Nervous System Disorders

AstraZeneca signed on PsychoGenics to evaluate a number of its drug candidates for their potential to treat psychiatric disorders. The company will use its...

BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics Taps Israeli CMO for Stem Cell Production

Made by Protein Production Services from autologous bone marrow, product will be used in preclinical ALS studies. It is also being studied in Parkinson's.

Novartis to Exploit Nuevolution Platform for Drug Discovery

Novartis enlisted the help of Danish drug discovery company Nuevolution to identify small molecule leads against specific drug targets. Nuevolution will use its fragment-based...

BTG Sells Drug Delivery Platform to Novartis

HySolv solubilizes hydrophobic drugs and was originally developed by Protherics. BTG sold its HySolv™ drug delivery platform to Novartis Pharma for an initial payment...

Sinovac to Supply Flu Vaccine to Beijing Citizens

The Beijing Public Health Bureau plans to provide 2.8 million free inoculations. The Beijing Public Health Bureau has selected Sinovac Biotech as one of the...
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