For Up-to-$825M, Daiichi Sankyo Joins AstraZeneca in Co-Marketing Movantik

Deal signed less than a month before the planned launch of the opioid-induced constipation (OIC) treatment for adults with chronic non-cancer pain.

HIV Biologic Drug Reduces Viral Load While Boosting Immunity

A new HIV drug reduced viral replication and increased immune cells in individuals with advanced, drug-resistant HIV infection.

Pergamum and Cadila Collaborate on Novel Therapy for Infections

Pergamum agreed to collaborate with Cadila Pharmaceuticals to develop a new treatment for infections based on a novel targeting mechanism that is different from classical antibiotic therapy.

Cancer’s Grip May Be Loosened by Tampering with DNA Clamp

A rationally designed drug-like protein interferes with the protein-protein interactions of PCNA, the so-called DNA clamp, offering a new way of hindering DNA replication in fast-proliferating cancer cells.

Charles River Labs Acquires KWS BioTest

Deal expands CRO’s discovery services offerings in oncology and immunology.

Novel Method Allows Researchers to Precisely Engineer and Monitor Protein Function

New technology incorporates a range of useful non-canonical amino acids into proteins made in eukaryotes.

Sweet 16 Top Cancer Immunotherapy Developers

Immunotherapies for cancer have emerged in recent years as a “sweet spot” among researchers, companies, investors, and especially, patients.

Harvard Team Takes Major Step toward Overcoming Antibiotic Resistance

Novel platform for antibiotic discovery looks to overcome problem of antibiotic resistance

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