Reputed Oncogene May Act as a Tumor Suppressor

Tumor suppressor activity attributed to the PLK1 gene, which has long been considered an oncogene because of its high expression in many tumors.

FDA Gives Abbott a Thumbs-Up for Automated HBV Monitoring Test

Assay can be used with the Abbott m2000 system to understand response to treatment.

Sanofi Sharpens Axe for Massive Layoffs

Cuts anticipated for 1,000–2,000 French workers.

Roche to Acquire Adheron Therapeutics for $105 Upfront

Roche acquires Adheron; it's shareholders will receive $105 million cash, plus additional contingent payments of up to $475 million based on achievement of certain milestones.

Sinergium Biotech to Build $50M Antigen Production Plant

The plant, to be built next to an existing company facility in the Buenos Aires suburb of Garin, Argentina, will employ more than 100 people and is set to be completed in 2019

U.K.’s CGT Catapult Partners with Freeline to Build Gene Therapy Manufacturing...

Freeline said it plans to deploy its manufacturing platform for production of clinical supply in one of the CGT Catapult’s newly built manufacturing center modules

Tamoxifen and Raloxifene Slow Progression of Muscular Dystrophy

Long-term treatment using either of the selective estrogen receptor modulators tamoxifen or raloxifen reduces muscle pathology and improves muscle function in mouse model of muscular dystrophy

Fujifilm Expands Fill Finish Services

Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies extends gene therapy and viral vaccine fill/finish capabilities

Immunotherapy Boosts Survival Rates of Melanoma Brain Metastases’ Patients

Checkpoint blockade immunotherapies provide significant improvements in overall survival for patients with melanoma brain metastases.

Biomarker Based Companion Diagnostics Are Enabling Precision Oncology

Cancer immunotherapy is a revolutionary treatment approach that mobilizes the patient's own immune system to destroy tumor cells. The human immune system is regulated in a highly orchestrated and balanced manner. This includes a negative feedback loop to regulate the activity of T cells. Tumor cells can take advantage of this to escape attack by the body's immune system…

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