New Facility Offers Quality Control for Gene and Cell Therapies

A Swedish bioanalytical services company is poised to open a Good Laboratory Practice-compliant laboratory for gene and cell therapies. TATAA Biocenter says the new facility will be among the first in the world to specialize in quality control (QC) analytics for nucleic acid-based therapies. To meet the sensitivities required for molecular analysis, the new facility has custom-built laboratory spaces.

Digna and Flamel Partner on Drug Delivery Formulations for Multiple Candidates

Firms will initially apply Medusa and Micropump platforms to three Digna drugs.

Building a Better Biosensor for Biomanufacturing

Scientists made a novel sensor developing it from surface plasmon confined around nano-sized holes across the gold film, enabling higher sensitivity and higher flexibility to excite localized SPR. With this approach, the researchers made a fiber-tip SPR sensor by integrating the nanohole gold film into the enface of a fiber with its diameter similar with a hair size.

X-Body BioSciences and Tanabe Research Labs Team Up to Develop mAbs...

TRL will fund the partnership, which will use X-Body’s antibody library and screening platform.

Proper Antibody Design Keeps Specificity in Mind

In this eBook, sponsored by Origene, you will read about the fascinatingways bioengineering has changed how antibodymolecules are applied to research and the clinicalworld. Despite all the changes, specificity remainsthe core value determinant of an antibody, albeitnaturally or recombinantly made.

Avaxia Taps Courtagen for Technology to Evaluate Oral Antibody for Radiation...

A quantitative screening assay will be developed based on Courtagen’s protein biomarker platform.

FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies Expands Cell Culture Capacity in Denmark

The expansion will double the existing bulk drug substance production capacity with the addition of 6 x 20,000L bioreactors, bringing the total to 12 x 20,000-liter bioreactors.

Medina, Cubist Partner to Mine Natural Product Libraries for New Antibiotics

Cubist will have access to Medina’s library of filamentous fungi and bacteria.

Vectura Scraps Asthma Drug-Device VR475 after Phase III Failure

Vectura Group said today it has halted development of its asthma drug-device combination VR475 following its failure in a Phase III European trial. VR475 consists...

DIY: Self-Administered Hypertension Drug in the Works

United Therapeutics and Ascendis Pharma signed a collaboration agreement to use the latter’s TransCon drug formulation and delivery platform in the development of a controlled-release, long-acting formulation of United Therapeutics’ pulmonary arterial hypertension drug (PAH) treprostinil, which patients could self-administer.