Human Genome Sciences Rejects $2.6B Hostile Takeover Bid by GSK

HGS, which closed at $7.17 yesterday, was offered $13 per share.

HalcyGen Buys Mayne Pharma International to Secure Full Rights to Lead...

Antifungal SUB-Itraconazole is a super-bioavailable formulation of the synthetic broad-spectrum itraconazole. Johnson & Johnson’s branded version is called Sporanox.

Biopharma Industry Blasts TPP Exclusivity Compromise

BIO, PhRMA,fault Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement for allowing between five to eight years, rather than the 12 years allowed by the U.S. for biologics

LegoChem and Takeda Partner to Evaluate Next-Generation ADCs

Deal provides access to South Korean firm's ConjuAll ADC platform

Venoms Provide Paradoxical Path to Promising Drug Discovery

Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have invented a technique for rapidly identifying various venoms that strike a specific target in the body and then optimizing such venoms for therapeutic use.

Iverson, Vanderbilt Forge Pact for Breast Cancer Diagnostics

Test will be designed for use in those considering hormone replacement therapy.

Altea Therapeutics’ Transdermal Delivery Technology to Be Tested with KAI Pharmaceuticals’...

Altea has partnered with Amylin Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly on a daily transdermal patch to deliver type 2 diabetes drug exenatide (Byetta®).

Novel Optical Imaging Method May Boost Structure-Guided Drug Design

Researchers from the Clemson University College of Science and the Heinrich Heine University in Germany have developed new optical imaging techniques that may accelerate the field of structural biology.

mRNA Vaccines Protect Animals Against Influenza

CureVac and the German Federal Research Institute for Animal Health, Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute (FLI), Germany, reported that mRNA vaccines could induce balanced, long lived, and protective immunity to influenza A virus infections in various animal models.

Novartis to Buy 85% of Chinese Vaccines Company for $125M

In addition to Zhejiang Tianyuan BioPharmaceuticals, Novartis invests in a new Institute for BioMedical Research in Shanghai and a center for APIs in Changshu.
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