Newer, More Dominant COVID-19 Variant Is More Infectious in the Lab

A specific change in the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus virus genome, previously associated with increased viral transmission and the spread of COVID-19, is more infectious in cell culture. The variant in question, D614G, makes a small but effective change in the virus’s “Spike” protein, which the virus uses to enter human cells. The new variant has become the dominant strain across the globe, but it does not appear to cause more severe disease.

Allergy Therapeutics Firm Anergis Raises $20M in Series A Fundraising

Lead contiguous overlapping peptide candidate against birch pollen allergy is poised for Phase II studies.

ProteoTech, GSK Come Together for Parkinson Drug R&D

Firms aim to bolster ProteoTech's alpha-synuclein program.

Booster Shots: Pfizer Acquiring Two Baxter Vaccines for $635M

Deal grows buyer's vaccine portfolio as seller prepares to spin out biopharma business as part of planned split.

Shenogen Selects ChemPartner to Develop mAbs against Estrogen Receptor Cancer Target

Chinese firm aims to develop antibodies, NCEs and naturally derived drugs against ER-a36 variant for multiple diseases.

Could Prostate Cancer Be Treated with Aromatherapy in the Future?

Blocking receptor with drugs or scents might be new prostate cancer treatment

Carlyle Group, GTCR to Acquire AMRI

Albany Molecular Research (AMRI) said today it has agreed to be acquired by affiliates of The Carlyle Group and GTCR for about $922 million...

Otsuka, Akebia Expand Vadadustat Development Deal to Europe and Beyond

Firms' existing deal for Phase III-stage CKD anemia drug in U.S. broadened to Europe, Canada, China, Russia, Australia, and the Middle East. Akebia will receive $73 million upfront, $135 million in development funding, and up to $657 million in milestones.

Sanofi Pays Glenmark $50M for Rights to Phase I-Stage Crohn Disease...

Integrin inhibitor is being prepared for proof-of-concept clinical trials.

Recurrent Tonsillitis Insights Might Lead to Strep Vaccine

Some kids suffer repeated bouts with step throat and tonsillitis, whereas other kids seem relatively immune. What accounts for the differences in susceptibility? Unfortunately,...

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