Novozymes, Almac Ally to Offer Drug Targeting, Pharmacokinetics Service

Novozymes Biopharma is teaming up with Almac to provide a combined service for drug development applications in the field of drug targeting and pharmacokinetic improvements.

Triple-Acting Diabetes Drug Reverses Memory Loss in Alzheimer’s Disease Mouse Models

Studies in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) have shown how a drug that was originally developed to treat type 2 diabetes can reverse memory loss and boost neuroprotection in a mouse model of AD.

Ophthotech Expands Eye Disease Pipelines of Small Molecule, Gene Therapy Candidates

Ophthotech has expanded its eye disease treatment pipeline today by acquiring a small-molecule, age-related retinal disease therapy developer, as well as launching its third...

Breast Cancer Genetic Test May Help Women Forgo Chemotherapy

Prospective study finds no benefit of adding chemotherapy to hormone treatment for early breast cancer patients who have an intermediate Oncotype Dx gene expression assay score

Antiviral Therapies Shown to Be Effective against Multiple Viruses

Team says research results show existing safe-in-human broad-spectrum antivirals could be used on other viral infections.

Common Anticholinergics Linked with Dementia Even When Taken 20 Years before...

International research team says focus should now be on deprescribing to limit the potential harm associated with anticholinergic drugs.

Medicenna, MD Anderson Partner on IL4R-Targeting Fusion Proteins

Partners aim to develop preclinical Empowered Cytokines that target IL4R

Zika’s Balloon Popped by Peptide Needle

A new antiviral drug candidate attacks the Zika virus where it may be most vulnerable—the lipid membrane, which envelopes Zika’s RNA payload. The drug...

Top 10 Immuno-Oncology Collaborations

Immuno-oncology collaborations numbers keep climbing.

Common Plant May Serve as New Source of More Effective Asthma...

Active pharmaceutical ingredient from coralberry leaves might serve as a novel treatment for asthma

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