Antiviral Therapies Shown to Be Effective against Multiple Viruses

Team says research results show existing safe-in-human broad-spectrum antivirals could be used on other viral infections.

Common Anticholinergics Linked with Dementia Even When Taken 20 Years before...

International research team says focus should now be on deprescribing to limit the potential harm associated with anticholinergic drugs.

Medicenna, MD Anderson Partner on IL4R-Targeting Fusion Proteins

Partners aim to develop preclinical Empowered Cytokines that target IL4R

Breast Cancer Trial: First-Line Chemo-Immuno Combo Improves Outcomes

A large Phase III trial, the Impassion130 trial, has produced results supporting the use of chemotherapy plus immunotherapy as first-line treatment in certain patients...

Top 10 Immuno-Oncology Collaborations

Immuno-oncology collaborations numbers keep climbing.

Common Plant May Serve as New Source of More Effective Asthma...

Active pharmaceutical ingredient from coralberry leaves might serve as a novel treatment for asthma

Infant Diarrhea Deaths Drop Sharply in Malawi Due to Rotavirus Vaccine

Rotavirus vaccination reduced infant diarrhea deaths by 34% in rural Malawi.

For Up-to-$825M, Daiichi Sankyo Joins AstraZeneca in Co-Marketing Movantik

Deal signed less than a month before the planned launch of the opioid-induced constipation (OIC) treatment for adults with chronic non-cancer pain.

HIV Biologic Drug Reduces Viral Load While Boosting Immunity

A new HIV drug reduced viral replication and increased immune cells in individuals with advanced, drug-resistant HIV infection.

Pergamum and Cadila Collaborate on Novel Therapy for Infections

Pergamum agreed to collaborate with Cadila Pharmaceuticals to develop a new treatment for infections based on a novel targeting mechanism that is different from classical antibiotic therapy.

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