When Cancer Cells Perceive Famine, They Seek Greener Pastures

Cancer metastasis rooted in conserved form of translation reprogramming in which diverse stresses are interpreted as starvation conditions, triggering mobility.

Moderna, Regeneron COVID-19 Candidates Show Early Positive Data

Moderna's mRNA-1273 and Regeneron’s REGN-COV2 both have the highest “Front Runner” ranking among the more than 300 COVID-19 therapeutics included in GEN’s updated “COVID-19 DRUG & VACCINE CANDIDATE TRACKER.”

Domain Swaps Lessen Autoimmunity in TCR Gene Therapy

Cancer immunotherapy by means of genetically engineered T cells may become safer if incorporates domain swapping, a way to prevent mispairing endogenous and therapeutic T-cell receptors

Yale Launches Collaboration with ARO, CRO Partners

Yale Cardiovascular Research Group, genae associates join university to cross-promote academic and research services.

Antidepressant Sertraline Inhibits Cancer Growth by Blocking Metabolic Addiction

Studies in mice by investigators at KU Leuven have demonstrated how the antidepressant sertraline can help to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, by acting on a metabolic addiction to serine and glycine, which some types of cancers have developed to enable them to thrive.

Heat Looks to Acquire 80% Stake in Immune-Oncology Firm Pelican

Pelican is developing an antibody and fusion protein designed to activate CD8+ T cells

Amgen Ponies Up $1.16B to Buy Micromet for Its mAb Technology

Firms have been in a discovery partnership since July 2011.

Jacobs Wins Contract to Provide Construction Services for WuXi

WuXi Biologics selected Jacobs to provide construction management services to support the development of its new biologics drug substance manufacturing facility located in Dundalk,...

Metastatic Prostate Cancer Target Identified for Combo Therapy

Scientists in the U.S., Spain, and Switzerland have identified a protein that could represent a new target for treatment-resistant and metastatic prostate cancer. Studies...

Celsion to Obtain $5M in Financing and Fast-Track Milestone Payments from...

Lead candidate uses lysolipid thermally sensitive liposome technology to deliver doxorubicin.