Bavarian Nordic Launches Study of Cancer Vaccine CV301 with AstraZeneca’s Imfinzi

Bavarian Nordic said the trial will mark the third evaluation of CV301 in combination with a checkpoint inhibitor for oncology indications

Sanofi, Lexicon Partner to Develop Phase III Diabetes Drug

Sotagliflozin alliance marks pharma giant's second billion-dollar-plus diabetes collaboration in as many days

Universal Influenza Vaccine Designed by MIT Researchers

Every year, influenza vaccines need to be redesigned due to new strains that may arise or changes because of various mutations and other characteristics. Now, scientists at MIT and the Ragon Institute of MIT, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Harvard report they are working on strategies for designing a universal flu vaccine that could work against any flu strain.

Sanofi Inks $1B+ in Collaborations with Warp Drive, Innate Pharma

Pharma giant partners with biotechs on cancer treatments and new antibiotics targeting Gram-negative bacteria

Roche and Blueprint Medicines Launch Up-to-$1.7B Partnership to Develop Cancer Drug...

Pralsetinib, a selective inhibitor of oncogenic RET alterations, has generated positive clinical results over the past year and is being developed for patients with RET-altered non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), various types of thyroid cancer and other solid tumors.

Lilly, Aduro to Develop STING Pathway Inhibitors for Autoimmune Diseases

Eli Lilly will partner with Aduro Biotech to develop novel immunotherapies for autoimmune and other inflammatory diseases using Aduro’s cGAS-STING Pathway Inhibitor program, through...

Janssen Taps PeptiDream for Peptide Discovery Tech in Deal Worth up...

Japanese firm will use Peptide Discovery Platform System to identify macrocyclic peptides against multiple Janssen targets

Advanced Cancer Therapeutics Gains License from Brown Cancer Center

Deal covers small molecule inhibitors of choline kinase. Enzyme aids tumor survival. Compounds to fight solid and hematological cancers.

Roche to Pay Aileron $25M to Tap Into Stapled Peptide Expertise

Deal has a total value of $1.1 billion and includes five targets.

Small Molecule Cancer Inhibitors May Suppress Growth in Some Drug Resistant...

City of Hope scientists have identified and developed two potent small molecules that appear to suppress tumor growth in multiple cancers even when other treatments cease to work, possibly due to the development of drug resistance. Their study provides new insight into how cancer stem cells replenish and visibility into how cancer evades our immune system.

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