Breast Cancer Fight Gets Aid from Immunotherapy and Diabetes Drug Combo

Cancer researchers have always understood the power of combination therapies—blending two or more drugs together to fight the heterogeneous nature of tumors has helped...

Merck to Acquire Immune Design for $300M, Boosting Immunotherapy Vaccine Pipeline

Merck & Co. said today it has agreed to acquire Immune Design for approximately $300 million, in a deal designed to boost the buyer’s...

Lilly Making First Milestone Payment in $1.9B Collaboration with AC Immune

Eli Lilly will pay AC Immune CHF 30 million ($30.2 million) in the first milestone payment tied to the companies’ CHF 1.89 billion ($1.9 billion) collaboration launched in December to develop new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders, the Swiss biotech said.

Hold Lifted on Novartis Flu Vaccines

Italian Medicines Agency blocked use of Agrippal and Fluad after protein aggregates were discovered.

Enamine, EMBL Agree to Library Synthesis and Drug Discovery Services Collaboration

Screening library and drug discovery services provider will supply library synthesis, medicinal chemistry, and biological services for EMBL's small-molecule cancer therapeutics program

Highly Automated Precision Medicine is the Future of Cellular Immunotherapy

Challenges remain in cell therapy manufacturing optimization and scalability, especially when developing autologous therapies. In a recent GEN webinar, Matthew Hewitt, PhD, head of R&D and clinical development, personalized medicine at Lonza, and Stacey Willard, PhD, director of product management at IsoPlexis, provided an overview of the Cocoon™ cell therapy manufacturing platform and the IsoLight™ single-cell proteomics system along with data from case studies.

A New PD-1 Regulatory Protein in Colorectal Cancer

Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine have discovered the protein c-Cbl has the ability to degrade checkpoint protein PD-1, a protein found on T cells that helps keep them from attacking other cells in the body. Manipulating c-Cbl's ability to regulate expression of PD-1 may be beneficial in the treatment of certain cancers including melanoma, bladder, kidney, breast, and non-small lung cancers.

Vical Genital Herpes Vaccine Candidate Fails Phase I/II Trial

Monovalent and bivalent vaccines both miss primary endpoint of reducing viral shedding in HSV-2 infected patients

Forma Pockets $25.5M to Advance Cancer Drug Discovery Activities

The Series B round was led by Lilly Ventures, with participation from Novartis Option Fund and Bio*One Capital of Singapore. Cubist Pharmaceuticals also joined.

Bizarro Chemistry Activates Inert Bonds in Natural Molecules, Drugs

Proof-of-concept study shows that C-H functionalization can selectively modify natural products such as alkaloids, possibly accelerating drug discovery.

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