Merck Licenses Anti-Tau Alzheimer’s Antibody from Teijin Pharma

Antibody candidate will bolster Merck's Alzheimer's disease portfolio, which includes the late-stage, small-molecule therapeutic candidate verubecestat and a PET imaging agent

Heptares, PeptiDream Partner on GPCR-Targeting Drugs for Inflammatory Diseases

Heptares Therapeutics and PeptiDream established a strategic collaboration to discover, develop, and commercialize therapeutics targeting a jointly selected, undisclosed G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) implicated in inflammatory diseases

Single Protein Keeps Mouse Brains Youthful

Scientists have shown that increasing the expression of a single gene known as Arc in the visual cortex of mice maintains the critical window of plasticity

T-Cell Enzyme Uses Deadly Multipronged Attack on Bacteria

Researchers have discovered how the T-cell enzyme granzyme B cells carries out a deadly, multipronged attack on invading bacteria

Team Shows How Dicer Protein Detects and Destroys Viral Invaders

University of Utah Health researchers discover protein that tears apart genetic material of harmful viruses

Drug-Resistant Melanoma Acquires Exploitable Vulnerability

Netherlands Cancer Institute scientists use lymphoma therapy drug to push BRAF inhibitor-resistant melanoma cells to destruction

Top 10 Clinical Trial Failures of 2012

Which drugs couldn't pass muster last year? Find out here.


There has been a concern among some doctors and medical scientists that a number of generic drugs do not work as well as their brand-name versions. These chemical-based therapeutics are not as complex or as potentially powerful as biologic drugs, some of which are being developed as biosimilars.

Metastatic Prostate Cancer Target Identified for Combo Therapy

Scientists in the U.S., Spain, and Switzerland have identified a protein that could represent a new target for treatment-resistant and metastatic prostate cancer. Studies...

Licensing Deal Moves Merck KGaA, Vertex Further into Gene Editing-Based Drug...

Merck KGaA has advanced further into gene editing-based drug development with its deal this week that outlicenses to Vertex Pharmaceuticals a pair of DNA-dependent...

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