Epigenetic Reprogramming May Boost Immunotherapy

Altering DNA methylation may reverse T-cell exhaustion, improve checkpoint blockade

TC BioPharm Wins $4.7M in EU Horizon 2020 Funding

TCB said the H2020 grant will allow it to develop a next-generation GDT cell therapy, OmnImmune®, using an allogeneic approach

Bioverativ, Bicycle Partner to Develop Bicyclic Peptides for Blood Disorders

Biogen spin-out Biovarative nd Bicycle Therapeutics signed a research collaboration to develop Bicycle bicyclic peptides for hemophilia and sickle cell disease

Small Molecule Helps Semi-Suicidal Cancer Cells Pull the Trigger

An optimized activator of BAX, an intracellular "suicide" molecule, leads to apoptosis in acute myeloid leukemia cells but spares healthy cells

Cell Therapy Developer Rubius Therapeutics Raises $100M More

Rubius says proceeds will accelerate development of its portfolio of Red-Cell Therapeutics™ toward clinical proof-of-concept, as well as enhance its manufacturing capacity and capabilities

Phosphatases in Line for Target-Based Discovery

A drug development screen capable of identifying selective phosphatase inhibitors has been used to find a drug candidate that can target a phosphatase implicated in Huntington’s disease.

15 Top-Selling Drugs Launched in 2015

While none of last year’s newly launched treatments reached the billion-dollar threshold of a “blockbuster,” one new drug came close.

Complex Proteins in Cancer Immunotherapy

Multifunctional fusion proteins represent a new form of immunotherapy. They can engage multiple proteins or pathways at once, blocking immune suppression and activating anticancer responses.

AMAG Pharmaceuticals to Acquire Perosphere Pharmaceuticals

AMAG Pharmaceuticals said today it has agreed to acquire Perosphere Pharmaceuticals for up to $415 million, in a deal that the buyer said will...

Gain Critical Insights from Advanced Cell Models with Real-Time Analysis

Non-invasive, continuous live-cell imaging has the potential to provide deeper insight into the kinetics of cell health, morphology and function. This new eBook features a collection of must-read articles on real-time live-cell analysis.

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