Roche Launches $100M Cancer Immunotherapy R&D Network

The new Centers of Research Excellence (imCORE™) Network aims to advance promising new immuno-oncology treatments

Sanofi Assumes R&D Efforts for Warp Drive Aminoglycoside Antibiotics

The program is among several that Warp Drive Bio is pursuing as part of discovery efforts based on its novel Genome Mining™ technology platform

Fate Therapeutics Wins $4M Grant to Advance NK Cancer Immunotherapy

CIRM grant aims to support first-in-human trial for FT516, off-the-shelf engineered natural killer cell therapy in combination therapy for breast cancer

AMRI Wins Five-Year $43M NIH Contract for Work Focused on CNS...

Initial $10 million funding will target development of at least one Phase I candidate.

CRISPR-Cas Technique Reverses Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria

Scientists at Tel Aviv University say they have developed a tool that tackles the problem of antibiotic resistance.

ZMC Nabs Chinese Rights to TaiGen’s Late-Stage Antibiotic for $8M

Nemonaxacin is in development initially for treating CAP and diabetic foot ulcers.

Sartorius Stedim Biotech Acquires BioOutsource

Sartorius Stedim Biotech (SSB) acquired Glasgow-based BioOutsource, which provides contract testing services.

Circulating Cancer Cells Torpedoed by Peptide–Chemo Conjugate

Metastasis in a mouse model of breast cancer inhibited by a peptide–drug conjugate that targets circulating cancer cells

Orchard Therapeutics to Build Out Gene Therapy Manufacturing Site in Fremont,...

Orchard Therapeutics said it will build out a gene therapy manufacturing facility in Fremont, CA, that will employ 100 people and increase its manufacturing...

Millennium Gains Seattle’s Late-Stage Lymphoma Drug with Initial $60M Fee

Seattle Genetics retains commercialization rights in the U.S. and Canada. Takeda Pharmaceutical has exclusive commercialization rights in the rest of the world.

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