Pfizer, HitGen Launch Drug Discovery Collaboration

Companuies to use HitGen’s technology platform and research capabilities toward design, synthesis, and screening of multiple DNA-encoded libraries for Pfizer’s drug discovery efforts

Zosano Pharma Inks Drug Delivery Deal with Novo Nordisk

Zosano Pharma signed an agreement with Novo Nordisk to develop a new transdermal presentation of semaglutide, an investigational human GLP-1 analog.

Inovio Wins $3.5M NIAID Grant to Advance Vaccine Device

USAMRIID partnership aims to vaccinate troops quickly and protect civilian populations from pandemic threats

Merck & Co. Axes Alzheimer Deal with Acumen, Nabs Exelixis’ PI3K-Delta...

Firm paid $12 million up front for rights to Exelixis’ candidates.

Merck & Co. Teams with Hanwha to Develop Biosimilar Enbrel

Korean firm’s HD203 candidate is already undergoing Phase III evaluation in home territory.

Tweaked Beer Hop Compound: Thwarts Cancer, Less Estrogen

Xanthohumol, a compound found in hops, has important anticancer properties but is also metabolized into a potent phytoestrogen that can promote tumor growth. Xanthohumol derivatives have been shown to have even stronger anticancer properties while avoiding the drawback of being metabolized into a phytoestrogen.

Anti-Aging Drug Candidates ID’d Using Transcriptomes of Long-Lived Worms

A biomarker of aging has emerged from a study of long-lived worms. The biomarker, a transcriptomic signature, consists of expression data from relatively few...

Flu Vaccine Manufacturing Gets Shot in Arm

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals earned a development milestone payment from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) related to progress in the companies’ collaboration on the use of VaxiRNA™ technology for the production of GSK’s influenza vaccine.

Servier Pays MacroGenics $20M for Option to Anticancer Antibody

MGA271 is in Phase I studies against solid tumors expressing B7-H3.

Teva Outbids Valeant with $6.8B for Acquisition of Cephalon

Teva's $81.50 per share offer has been accepted by Cephalon's board, which had shunned Valeant's $73 per share proposal.

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