Flu Vaccine Becomes Universal

Scientists created a universal vaccine that may provide broad protection against numerous influenza strains, including those that could cause future pandemics.

Small Molecule Inhibitors Dramatically Boost Efficiency of Fibroblast to Neuron Conversion

Scientists say method could enable scale-up of induced neuron production for biomedical applications.

Purdue Pharma Acquires TrkA Inhibitor Program for Up to $213M+

Chronic pain treatment program led by VM-902A, which the buyer plans to advance to Phase II enrollment early next year

AstraZeneca, Ethris Collaborate to Develop mRNA-Based Respiratory Disease Therapies

AstraZeneca and MedImmune sign collaboration with mRNA therapeutics firm Ethris to develop stable, nonimmunogenic for respiratory diseases

AbbVie to Co-Develop Argen-X’s Cancer Immunotherapy ARGX-115

ARGX-115 is a first-in-class human antibody targeting the novel immuno-oncology target GARP, a membrane protein believed to enhance the immunosuppressive effects of T cells

Pfizer, OPKO Partner to Advance GHD Treatment in $570M+ Deal

Pfizer is partially funding OPKO Health’s hGH-CTP development and commercialization initiatives in a deal that is potentially worth more than $570 million.

Hypertension Drug Shows Promise against Multiple Neurodegenerative Diseases

A University of Cambridge-led research team has shown how a prescription drug that is used to treat high blood pressure may represent a promising...

Teva Buys Labrys, Growing Pain Franchise in Up to $825M Deal

Labrys’ lead candidate, LBR-101, is in Phase IIb trials for prevention of chronic and high frequency episodic migraine.

E. coli Converted into Novel Antibiotic Generating Factories

Researchers engineer E. coli to produce new forms of popular antibiotic

Sanaria, IBBR Win $3M Grant for Malaria Vaccine Sporozoite Manufacture in...

Collaboration hinges on Insect Transformation Facility’s expertise in producing parasites in engineered mosquitoes.

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