Engineered Gut Bacteria Reverse Type 1 Diabetes in Experimental Mice

L. lactis secreting proinsulin autoantigen and IL-10 triggers Treg production to suppress autoimmune responses.

Cross-Functional Drug Discovery of Novel Non-Natural Entities

In this GEN webinar, sponsored by Dotmatics, we will highlight key features of an informatics solution that supports research of novel, non-natural drug entities such as bicyclic and stapled peptides, antibody- and peptide-drug conjugates, and non-natural RNAs.

Preexisting SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies Found in Uninfected People, Higher in Children

Preexisting, cross-reactive SARS-CoV-2 antibodies have been found in uninfected people, with higher levels found in children. The antibodies were likely generated during previous, seasonal coronavirus infections. Though cross-reactive immunity is not considered to be sterilizing nor long-lasting, the presence of cross-reactivity can reduce viral transmission and lessen symptoms. Together, these findings may provide insight into whether pre-established immunity to seasonal coronaviruses offers protection against SARS-CoV-2.

Oncothyreon Joins Array in Developing Cancer Compound

Oncothyreon selling stake to BVF to raise cash for clinical development of Array's ARRY-380

Vitae Earns $14M from Boehringer Ingelheim with Start of Phase I...

Alliance targets 11beta-HSD-1 for the treatment of metabolic syndrome disorders.

Build Drug Functionality into Starter Molecules with Scant Remodeling

Amino acid reagents proposed as transient directing groups that can simplify the generation of drug candidates from starter molecules.

AstraZeneca, J&J Resuming Phase III COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

Both AstraZeneca's AZD1222, being co-developed with the University of Oxford, and J&J's JNJ-78436735 have potentially billions of dollars invested in them by Washington through “Operation Warp Speed,” the effort by President Donald Trump’s administration to deliver 300 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines by January 2021.

Here’s What You Need to Know about the C57BL/6 Substrains

Sponsored content brought to you by   Certainly, substrain differences exist in all inbred mouse strains. By far, however, the C57BL/6 strains are the most commonly...

Membrane Vesicles Unlock Potential for Freeze Dried Cell-Free Expression Tech to...

Northwestern University researchers developed a way to increase by five-fold production yields of protein-based vaccines. The work builds on the team’s iVAX cell-free gene expression (CFE) platform for vaccine manufacture, which can quickly make shelf-stable vaccines at the point of care. The latest development has shown how enriching cell-free extracts with vesicles composed of cellular membrane improves glycoprotein synthesis, to vastly increase yields of the freeze-dried platform.

Dalton and Lonza Ink Contract Chemistry and Manufacturing Agreement

Companies aim to provide an integrated suite of services from R&D through to commercial cGMP.