Custom Manufacturing Accelerates Time to Market

As the life science industry faces increasing competition—as well as global regulatory and pricing pressures—outsourcing portions or all of manufacturing is becoming increasingly prevalent....

Impact of COVID-19 on the Life Science Industry

In this sponsored GENcast listen to a conversation with Dr. Klaus Lun, Executive Vice President of Life Science Business for Tecan, provide his perspective on global developments pertaining to COVID-19 and other timely topics.

Helping Biosimilars Emerge into Global Markets Takes a Practiced Hand

Currently, almost 60 percent of drugs in development are being created by emerging biotech companies focused on therapies for niche diseases with small patient...

Trends in Bioprocess 4.0 and their Impact on Biomanufacturing

The biomanufacturing industry is currently undergoing a revolution in how it produces biopharmaceutical products. The driving force behind this paradigm shift is known as...

GENcast: 3D Cell Models Push Drug Discovery Screening into High Gear

In this GENcast, our guest will tell us more about HTS using 3D cell models and why they are so crucial for current drug discovery projects. Moreover, he will provide scientific insight into the 3D cell panel screening service—called OncoSignature™—which uses a library of 200 cell lines grown in 3D spheroids to provide a better understanding of candidate cancer therapeutics.

Shake-Up Your Cell Expansion Efforts

In this GEN webinar, sponsored by Sartorius Stedim Biotech, we will hear how application of modern bottle and flask closure technologies in combination with machine automation can compress a cell expansion process map to bring about a low-risk, streamlined workflow with reduced operating costs.

The Successful Evolution of Biotherapies from Discovery to Development

In this GEN webinar, sponsored by Lonza, we will examine initial strategies to optimize the amino acid sequence of biotherapeutic molecules, along with techniques to maximize product quality through expression vector design. One tool, GS piggyBac™, which can help improve expression levels, especially for more complex, next-generation biologics, will be discussed.

Iowa’s One Health Initiatives for Vaccine Development

In this GEN webinar, we will hear a series of presentations highlighting some of the high-quality bioscience research that is emerging from various industries across Iowa. Specifically, two of our presenters will discuss not only the manufacturing and testing capabilities to advance new vaccine candidates into clinical trials, but also some of the technological advances, facilities, and infrastructure that are being applied to pandemic preparedness and rapid vaccine development.

Lilly, Dicerna Launch $3.7B+ RNAi Collaboration

Eli Lilly will apply Dicerna Pharmaceuticals’ GalXC™ RNA interference (RNAi) technology platform to discover, develop, and commercialize new treatments based on more than 10...

Vanquishing the Virus

In this on demand debut of “GEN Live”, Julianna LeMieux and Alex Philippidis discuss the latest medical advances in drug and vaccine development, as well as diagnostic and antibody testing. They go beyond the written word to share news and insights, ranking the frontrunner drug and vaccine candidates aiming to vanquish the virus. Attendees were able to ask questions live or via chat/social media.

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