Custom Manufacturing Accelerates Time to Market

As the life science industry faces increasing competition—as well as global regulatory and pricing pressures—outsourcing portions or all of manufacturing is becoming increasingly prevalent....

Lilly, Dicerna Launch $3.7B+ RNAi Collaboration

Eli Lilly will apply Dicerna Pharmaceuticals’ GalXC™ RNA interference (RNAi) technology platform to discover, develop, and commercialize new treatments based on more than 10...

Top 15 Immuno-Oncology Collaborations

The top 15 immuno-oncology collaborations' total value of all 15 ranked collaborations is approximately $30 billion.

Fear in Mind: Coping Mechanism Identified in New Brain Region

Scientists at Texas A&M University have identified a region in the brain that is involved in inhibiting fear, and which could feasibly lead to...

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