Custom Manufacturing Accelerates Time to Market

As the life science industry faces increasing competition—as well as global regulatory and pricing pressures—outsourcing portions or all of manufacturing is becoming increasingly prevalent....

Pergamum and Cadila Collaborate on Novel Therapy for Infections

Pergamum agreed to collaborate with Cadila Pharmaceuticals to develop a new treatment for infections based on a novel targeting mechanism that is different from classical antibiotic therapy.

Targeting Glioblastoma by Depriving Brain Cancer Cells of Cholesterol

Study identified a metabolic vulnerability in the aggressive and incurable brain cancer glioblastoma and shown how it can potentially be exploited for therapy.

For Up-to-$825M, Daiichi Sankyo Joins AstraZeneca in Co-Marketing Movantik

Deal signed less than a month before the planned launch of the opioid-induced constipation (OIC) treatment for adults with chronic non-cancer pain.

Win More Biologics Development Battles with Early Stability Analysis

Biophysical and chemical properties are critical factors that can dictate success or failure in the development of therapeutic antibodies. These attributes and all the functional characteristics of antibodies depend on amino acid sequence, post-translational modifications, and the solution environment. Early quality control and risk assessment of biophysical parameters help prevent failure in later stages of antibody development. An early-stage developability workflow was designed to set stage gate for molecules progressing to late-stage development. Application of the Uncle platform in antibody selection will be presented in this webinar. Stability analysis of engineered antibody variants was evaluated using Intrinsic Fluorescence Conformational Stability (Tm) and Colloidal Stability (Tagg). B22/kD parameters for monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) in solution were determined and validated by Small-Angle-X ray-scattering (SAXS). Quantitative correlation between Tagg and particle size for mAbs was observed in this study.

Who Should Attend

  • Researchers developing monoclonal antibodies
  • Drug discovery scientists
  • Investigators interested in biologic stability
  • Biochemists
  • QC/QA scientists

You Will Learn

  • How to use Tm and Tagg measurements to evaluate the stability of engineered antibodies
  • How the aggregation propensity parameters B22 and kD can help further evaluate antibody variants
  • How the Uncle platform can collect multiple measurements earlier, with less sample

Cell Therapy Manufacturing: The Supply Chain Challenge

The success of cell therapies hinges on not only proving that a product elicits the desired biological response, but also overcoming the challenges of manufacturing and administering a complex product to any patient.

HIV Transmission Blocked by Often Overlooked Class of Antibody

A group of scientists at Texas Biomedical Research Institute have zeroed in on a new defense against HIV-1, the virus that causes AIDS.

Sanofi, Evotec Launch New “BRIDGE” Partnership to Accelerate Drug Discovery

Evotec said today it will join Sanofi in partnering with academic institutions to translate their research into new small-molecule drugs across multiple unspecified therapeutic...

Cancer’s Grip May Be Loosened by Tampering with DNA Clamp

A rationally designed drug-like protein interferes with the protein-protein interactions of PCNA, the so-called DNA clamp, offering a new way of hindering DNA replication in fast-proliferating cancer cells.

Otsuka to Acquire Visterra for $430M, Adding to Its Pipeline and...

Through the acquisition, Otsuka will inherit Visterra’s Hierotope® platform, intended to design and engineer precision antibody-based therapies, and expand its pipeline with Visterra’s programs targeting infectious diseases, kidney diseases, cancer, and chronic pain.

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