Bioserv and Advantar Target a Comprehensive Value Chain

Bioserv signed a nonexclusive collaboration agreement with Advantar Laboratories to combine each firm’s capabilities for the creation of an improved value chain for client companies.

Affymetrix and Beckman Coulter Ally to Provide Automated Target-Prep Solutions

System will include Affymetrix-validated methods developed on Beckman Coulter’s Biomek FXp Dual Arm Multichannel and span array processing and data generation as well.

Cobra to Provide Process Development, mAb Manufacturing for Alligator

Contract will cover activities from cell-line development through to GMP supply.

Titertek Instruments Merges with Berthold Detection Systems

Combined company will retain Titertek’s Huntsville, AL, facility and Berthold’s German site.

Sigma-Aldrich Buys Duolink Portfolio from Olink

Duolink is designed to help researchers visualize low levels of proteins, protein modifications and individual protein interactions directly in fixed cells and tissue samples

International Stem Cell Opens Production Site for Clinical-Grade Stem Cell Products

ISCO’s core technology is parthenogenesis, which is not yet approved under NIH’s guidelines for funding hESC (human embryonic stem cell) research.

VGXI to Manufacture GMP IL-12 Plasmid for OncoSec’s ElectroImmunotherapy Trials

Electroporation-based cytokine gene therapy is currently in Phase II development against skin cancer.

Passage Bio Partnering with Catalent’s Paragon to Manufacture Gene Therapies

Passage Bio, a developer of gene therapies for rare monogenic CNS diseases launched five months ago, will partner with Catalent’s Paragon Gene Therapy unit to develop a dedicated manufacturing suite at Paragon’s Harmans, MD, facility.

Continuous Processing Requires a Rethink of Viral Strategies

Viral safety as we know it is batchy, and hence patchy, but it needs to transition to continuous operations, which means that in viral clearance studies, the goal is seamlessness.
Firm will now be able to offer sterile fill and finish services for small molecules and biologics. [© Thomas Brugger -]

AMRI Takes Over Hyaluron for $27M

Firm will now be able to offer sterile fill and finish services for small molecules and biologics.

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