Hamilton Rolls Out Two New Workstations to Meet Coronavirus Threat

Applications established for R&D stages of therapy or vaccine that will be produced through bioprocessing SARS-CoV-2.

Genome Editing Helps Cell Lines “Clean Up” Their Protein Production

The mammalian cell lines that are engineered to produce high-value recombinant-protein drugs also produce unwanted proteins that reduce drug quality and increase production costs. Researchers have now introduced a CRISPR-Cas9 genome-editing technique that can eliminate up to 70% of the contaminating protein by mass in recombinant-protein drugs produced by CHO cells, workhorses of biotherapeutic protein production.
Protein structure

Mass Spec’s Role in Bioprocessing

The technology’s versality and power can characterize complex mixtures such as proteomes and metabolomes.
Funds will support development

Emergent Wins $107M Contract to Triple Anthrax Vaccine Production

Funds will support development, validation, vaccine trials, and regulatory clearance.

BMS to Idle 160 by Closing One Ireland Plant, Cutting Jobs at Another

Cruiserath plant in Dublin set to close by end of 2015, idling all 130 workers; another 30 to be axed at Swords.

Bavarian Nordic Wins Up-to-$33M Janssen Subcontract for Ebola Vaccine Regimen

Award focused on manufacturing and storage of the companies’ Ebola prime-boost vaccine regimen candidate.
Cesca Therapeutics' new cellular processing technology uses microbubbles to separate cells. [Mutlu Kurtbas/Getty Images]

With New Patent, Cesca Eyes Faster, Less Costly CAR-T Cell Production

Cesca says its automated cell processing system provides greater cell yields, higher consistency in a fraction of the time compared with traditional manual cell processing methods
Putting a sample into the autosampler

Chromatographic Analysis for PAT

Continuous processing means real-time monitoring process analytical technology, and enhanced chromatographic techniques—such as the IEX and SEC techniques described by Phenomenex.
MilliporeSigma’s BioContinuum™ Platform

MilliporeSigma’s BioContinuum™ Platform

Biomanufacturing professionals are enthusiastic about continuous processing because they believe it will have a significant impact on how their customers bring therapies to market, delivering them to patients faster and more cost effectively. MilliporeSigma officials...
Gene therapy, conceptual artwork

Cobra Biologics and Symbiosis Complete Viral Vector Collaboration

The collaboration significantly increases both companies’ existing commercial capacity and simplifies the supply chain process for manufacture of viral vectors for use in gene therapy and immunotherapy.

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