Femta Signs On Lonza to Manufacture Preclinical RA Candidate

Femta Pharmaceuticals signed a manufacturing services and license agreement with Lonza for its lead humanized interleukin 6 mAb called FM101. Femta says that it aims to submit an IND for the rheumatoid arthritis candidate...

Amatsigroup Acquires Q-Biologicals

Buyer says deal enhances its ability to develop biological molecules by consolidating facilities and offerings

TAP Biosystems Partners with Life Tech on New Expression Platform

Officials at TAP Biosystems say they have agreed to collaborate with Life Technologies on the development a cost-efficient, high-throughput protein expression platform.

Synbio Modules Customize Cellular Input/Output, Add Anticancer Function

Cellular input and output revised with modular synthetic biology components to sensitize immune cells to a tumor signal

Evolution of Engineered Organisms Constrains Bioproduction

Evolution causes the rise of unproductive microbial variants in large-scale bioproduction processes, necessitating strategies to pause productivity-degrading evolutionary mechanisms

Cobra Bio to Develop and Manufacture Fusion Proteins for KAHR Medical

KAHR to start clinical trials with RA candidate in 2010. The trans signal converter proteins are a therapeutic with two functional sides.

EHSI Forms JV to Evaluate a Regenerative Medicine Method

Procedure uses proton beams to destroy diseased tissue for regeneration using ASCs developed in NASA-designed bioreactor.

Stirred Suspension Bioreactors Increase Efficiency of Deriving iPSCs from Fibroblasts

Scientists show that three factor-transduced MEFs can reprogram to iPSCs in suspension.

Immobilized Enzymes Focus of Purolite, Codexis Partnership

Purolite and Codexis are collaborating to develop and market immobilized enzymes for the pharmaceutical industry.

Rogue Ribosomes Defy Stop Signals, Go to Work in Untranslated Regions

A rogue ribosome, finished with translating the coding sequence of messenger RNA, and unwilling to await recycling, starts working in the so-called untranslated region.

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