Wacker Acquires Fermentation Plant to Expand Cysteine Production

Wacker will expand its production and produce cysteine by fermentation for use in food and pharmaceutical products.

Xoma Ends Busy Week with Third Deal

Xoma and its partner, Les Laboratoires Servier (Servier), agreed to transfer Xoma’s technology and process for the commercial manufacture of gevokizumab to Boehringer Ingelheim.

Evolution of Engineered Organisms Constrains Bioproduction

Evolution causes the rise of unproductive microbial variants in large-scale bioproduction processes, necessitating strategies to pause productivity-degrading evolutionary mechanisms
Puerto Rican plant’s blunders include manufacturing diabetes drug with no active ingredient.[raven-Fotolia.com]

GSK Pays U.S. Govt $750M for Selling Contaminated and Substandard Drugs

Puerto Rican plant’s blunders include manufacturing antidepressant with no active ingredient.

Thermo Fisher to Acquire Brammer Bio for $1.7B, Expanding Gene Therapy Presence

Thermo Fisher Scientific has agreed to acquire Brammer Bio for $1.7 billion cash, the companies said, in a deal designed to increase the buyer’s presence in gene therapy with the viral vector contract development...

Flu Vaccine Manufacturing Gets Shot in Arm

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals earned a development milestone payment from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) related to progress in the companies’ collaboration on the use of VaxiRNA™ technology for the production of GSK’s influenza vaccine.
Synthetic biologists have established a DNA-encoded and readily engineered bacterial platform for borylation that outpaces conventional chemical methods. The feat marks the first time that bacteria have made compounds with boron–carbon bonds. In this artist's interpretation

Synthetic Biology Forges Boron–Carbon Bonds in Living Cells

Synthetic biologists establish a DNA-encoded and readily engineered bacterial platform for borylation that outpaces conventional chemical methods

Baxter Taps Sanquin for Plasma Fractionation

Netherlands-based blood supply foundation will provide up to 1.6 million liters of fractionation capacity annually while Baxter constructs new U.S. plant.
The left-side group of mice is a control—with neither the gene-editing RNA nor the BOC switch. The next group has BOC but no RNA

Biological Switch May Offer Better Control of Gene Editing

Team invents biological switch that turns protein expression on at will

Sartorius Stedim Biotech, Novasep Partner on Membrane Chromatography

Sartorius Stedim Biotech said today it will partner with Novasep to develop novel systems for membrane chromatography and single-use bioprocessing, through a collaboration whose value was not disclosed. The collaboration is intended to develop innovative...

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